The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Sasha Moves in on Zende

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The Bold and the Beautiful returned on Thursday with an all-new episode as Sasha (Felisha Cooper) tried making the most out of her alone time with Zende (Rome Flynn) while Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) began questioning whether her relationship with Liam (Scott Clifton) will end.

Read on for what happened on B&B’s Thursday, January 7, 2016 episode.

Sasha Got Some Alone Time With Zende

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Pictured left to right, Sasha and Zende, as the former settles into LA by moving in on Nicole’s man. (CBS Screenshot)

On Wednesday, Sasha confronted Julius (Obba Babatunde) about not feeling like she’s really a part of his family. This was after he reprimanded her for interrupting Nicole’s (Reign Edwards) work. Sasha told her illegitimate father that he hasn’t been there for her like his actual family. Although Julius disagreed, he did make it clear that she isn’t a priority. Sasha explained that she’s been there for Nicole when she could’ve easily shattered her reality. Ultimately, Sasha told Julius that she sticking around because she refuses to let him act this way any longer.

Rick (Jacob Young) asks Maya (Karla Mosley) how they can make things between them “happen sooner rather than later”. She says ambition on him is “sexy as hell.” She says that Zende also has ambition. Maya tells Rick that she thinks that Zende wants a crack at Oliver’s (Zach Conroy) old position. She feels that it would be a way to show him their appreciation for his support. Maya says that she can’t find Nicole, but is guessing she’s with Zende. Rick evaluates Zende’s photos, saying he needs to loosen up in his work; it’s too by the book.

Meanwhile, Zende tells Nicole that he’s a future fashion photographer. He says that he’d like to make a name for himself, but wants to earn it. Nicole says she’s willing to help him with whatever he needs. Sasha shows up, overhearing the end of their conversation. She’s wonder if they were wanting a nude model or nude photographer. Nicole says that she has agreed to be Zende’s model as they kiss in front of Sasha. After a few shots, Nicole runs off, saying she has morning sickness. In lieu of this, Sasha offers to model. Zende balks at first, but eventually lets her; but not without questioning Sasha’s poses. Sasha insists that she has tons of experiences and takes a selfie to prove it. A short while later, Sasha says she’s all his to use while she poses in front of the camera; to use her. Zende puts on music and continues instructing Sasha.

Steffy Questions Her Future With Liam

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Steffy — pictured above in Thursday’s B&B episode — patiently waits for Liam to turn up. (CBS Screenshot)

On Wednesday, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) — at Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) urging — went over Steffy’s to console her. Although no one believes that Ivy’s staircase fall wasn’t Steffy’s fault, Wyatt says he does. Steffy is trying to wait patiently for Liam, who accidentally took a flight to Australia with Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer). While attempting to soak a towel in the lavatory for Ivy, Liam inadvertently knocked himself out. Once awake, Liam found himself in the air. What Steffy doesn’t realize is that Wyatt has ulterior motives.

Steffy sleeps on her couch awaiting Liam’s return. She calls out for him; he’s still not home. Later, she tells Wyatt that she has to leave and find him. Wyatt tells Steffy not to jump to conclusions. Steffy questions whether Liam wants to even be with her anymore. Wyatt consoles her; saying he’ll come around. Steffy compliments Wyatt; saying he always says the right things. She tells him she’s sorry for what Ivy did to him. Later, Steffy says that she understands Liam needs time to think, but they ultimately need to speak in order to resolve things. Although Steffy hopes Ivy is okay, she also wishes that she stay in Australia.

Liam’s in Sydney With Ivy & on the Outs With Steffy

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Pictured left to right, Ivy and Liam, as they get closer to landing in Australia in Thursday’s B&B episode. (CBS Screenshot)

Meanwhile, Liam and Ivy sleep on the plane. Liam says that he can’t believe they took off with him knocked out inside the bathroom. Liam wants to call Steffy, but is told that the WiFi won’t work until the plane lands. He stresses to Ivy that needs to get ahold of Steffy. Liam tells Ivy that he wants to clear things up with Steffy. Later, Ivy and Liam finally land in Australia. Liam rises from his seat, but appears to feel woozy. After regaining his composure, he notices all of Ivy’s missed calls and texts.

Liam then calls Steffy, telling her that he isn’t able to come home because he’s in Sydney. He tells her it’s a funny story and is about to get into it, but she cuts him off and hangs up. Steffy tells Wyatt that Liam in Australia with Ivy only means one thing. Wyatt embraces her.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs Monday thru Friday at 1:30pm ET on CBS. Be sure to check back with Heavy for all B&B holiday scheduling news.

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