WATCH: Woman Playing with Lighter Sets Car on Fire at Gas Station

подожгла "пистолет" на заправке вСургутеженщина зачем-то воспользовалась огнем там, где это делать совсем нельзя. АЗС "Газпромнефть" в Сургуте.2016-01-04T18:32:44Z

This woman in Russia accidentally set her entire car on fire while she was playing with a lighter at a gas station. Why she was playing with her lighter right next to the fuel pump is another question entirely. The driver who caught the whole thing on his dashcam “nope’d” right out of the situation and quickly drove away, leaving her to fend for herself. But can you blame him?

This isn’t the first time someone set their car on fire with a lighter at a gas station. To see what happened when a guy tried to kill a spider this way, check out this story:

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