What Are the Powerball Winning Numbers?

winning powerball numbers

The winning Powerball numbers. (Powerball)

The big Powerball drawing for $1.5 billion happened Wednesday night at 10:59 pm Eastern. Here are the winning numbers:

8 – 27 – 34 – 4 – 19 With a Powerball of 10

This is the largest Powerball jackpot yet in the lottery’s history. If only one person won, the “lump sum” was worth $930 million, before taxes.

However, so far it has been reported that three people purchased winning jackpot tickets. They were from Chino Hills, California, Florida, and Tennessee. You can read more about the winners here.

The chances of winning are just a little better than 1 in 300 million. And yet at least three people defied those odds and walked away winners. The $1.5 billion pot will be split among the jackpot winners.

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