Zika Virus Babies: Photos of Children Born With Birth Defects

More than 4,000 cases of microcephaly in Brazilian newborn babies have been linked to Zika virus, an infection transmitted by mosquitoes. Zika virus was first detected in Brazil in May 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC says that the birth defect microcephaly, a potentially crippling condition where a baby is born with a smaller head than expected when compared to babies of the same age and sex, has been connected to Zika virus. "Knowledge of the link between Zika and these outcomes is evolving," the CDC says. Microcephaly could cause a child to simply have a smaller head, or could stunt brain size and development. There is the potential for millions of cases of Zika virus in the Americas next year, health officials say. The World Health Organization is meeting to decide whether the virus outbreak is a public health emergency. Read more about where the Zika virus has been found and where it could spread here. Click through this gallery to see photos of babies in Brazil born with microcephaly and other birth defects after their mothers were infected by Zika. In this photo, a doctor measures the head of a baby born in Recife, Brazil. (Getty)




Zika has been militarized in Angola by the New World Order group via the military. The depopulation of the Americas has begun. Only the ruling elite will have the vaccine. Just Google El Salvador and Zika….the rulers of El Salvador have demanded that all women abstain from sex until 2018 to avoid pregnancy under threat of forced abortion…hmmmm, this is a Planned Parenthood Disaster, because PP will lose billions of revenue from the usual millions of forced abortions of Zika fetuses, like they do in Chicago. Tick disease vectors failed, and birds were not feasible….but, mosquitos and house flies are the perfect vectors because the governments of South American will just stop spraying for the bugs. Mandatory sterilization of the mother will be performed during any Zika baby abortion as part of a “healthy country program,” per reports from Panama, the hotbed of military germ warfare research. Now, you know why Obama is trying to depopulate Latin America for the last four years….if you don’t get the children Voters now, there won’t be any in the future. Now, you know the fate of the world population…..pregnancy will be only state-approved for all females, just like it is in El Salvador. And who do you think will get all the abortions….the blacks…just like America. Obama and the CFR have sold you out!


Anonymous coward: Stop spreading that same hokey bullcrap copying and pasting the same shit all over, you are behaving no better than the Zika virus, except you’re trying to infect everyone with the same small MIND you’ve got hahaha

And maybe state approved births is NOT such a bad idea. The freedom to reproduce has been far beyond abused, I think everyone can agree on that much. You need a license to do far lesser things in life: drive, legally own a gun, sell food, but any moron can just poop out a human for any, the wrong or no reason at all for as many times as they want. I actually have an uncle who cranked out kids with his wife ONLY to get a bigger welfare check! The welfare dept cut him off at TEN kids! Too many people are having too many kids for the wrong reasons, too many women are negligent of the control they have over their own fertility. IMO, parenting licenses are CENTURIES overdue!

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