Maureen McCarthy, Antonin Scalia’s Widow: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and his wife, Maureen McCarthy Scalia. (Getty)

Maureen McCarthy Scalia, the widow of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, will be a guest of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump during the president’s address to Congress on Tuesday, the White House says.

Antonin Scalia, 79, died last February. Trump called Maureen Scalia on the anniversary of her husband’s death, and mentioned her while naming Judge Neal Gorsuch as his nominee to replace Justice Scalia on the bench. She was in attendance during the announcement and met with Gorsuch.

“She is really the ultimate representation of the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia, whose image and genius was in my mind throughout the decision-making process,” Trump said of Maureen Scalia.

Here’s what you need to know about Maureen Scalia:

1. They Met on a Blind Date While He Was at Harvard in 1960 & Married That Same Year

antonin scalia wife, maureen mccarthy scalia, maureen scalia


Antonin Scalia met Maureen McCarthy in 1960 when he was a student at Harvard Law School, according to Bruce Allen Murphy’s biography of the Supreme Court Justice, “Scalia: A Court of One.”

They were married in September of that same year.

“They jokingly referred to it as a ‘mixed marriage’ because he was of Italian descent while her ancestors were Irish,” Murphy wrote.

Scalia said and his new wife traveled all over Europe during the first year of marriage.

He said, “Actually, the main reason she married me was that, after graduation, I had a Sheldon Fellowship. Under this traveling fellowship, Harvard gives you money to travel with virtually no strings attached, with one exception. You cannot enroll for any degree in any university, which after seven years of college and law school was the farthest thing from my mind!”

Both McCarty and Scalia were raised and lived as devout Catholics.

2. She Graduated From Radcliffe College With an English Degree

antonin scalia wife, maureen mccarthy scalia, maureen scalia


Maureen McCarthy Scalia was a student at Radcliffe College, also located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when she met her husband, a Harvard Law school student, according to the Washington Post.

She graduated from Radcliffe with a degree in English.

The Scalias told 60 Minutes they rarely disagree.

“She says she could have married so-and-so …,” Antonin Scalia joked during the 2008 interview. “And of course the reason she didn’t was that ‘so-and-so [was] wishy-washy.'”

“This is absolutely true. He will say, ‘You would have been bored.’ I say, ‘Oh, that’s right!’ I would have been bored,” Maureen Scalia said. “I would have been bored.”

3. She & Her Husband Raised 5 Sons & 4 Daughters

antonin scalia wife, maureen mccarthy scalia, maureen scalia

The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia takes part in an interview with Chris Wallace on “FOX News Sunday” at the FOX News D.C. Bureau on July 27, 2012. (Getty)

Antonin and Maureen Scalia raised nine children, five sons and four daughters, whom they have described as “all conservative” and all “successful.”

Their sons are named Eugene, John, Paul, Matthew and Christopher. Their daughters are Ann, Catherine, Mary and Margaret.

“Well, we didn’t set out to have nine children. We’re just old-fashioned Catholics, you know? Playing what used to be known as ‘Vatican roulette,'” Antonin Scalia joked to 60 Minutes in 2008.

“Well, as someone said, they’re both overachievers, I guess,” Maureen Scalia joked.

Their children include two lawyers, an Army major, a poet and a priest.

“If in an old-fashioned Catholic family with five sons you don’t get one priest out of it, we’re in big trouble, right?” Scalia joked to 60 Minutes. “I will say that the other four were very happy when Paul announced that he was going to take one for the team. I don’t know.”

The Scalias also have several grandchildren.

4. She Went to Her Kids’ Soccer Games & Other Events While Her Husband Worked

Antonin Scalia told 60 Minutes in 2008 that he never attended his children’s soccer games or other events because of work. He said Maureen Scalia was devoted to attending everything their children did.

“You know, my parents never did it for me,” Antonin Scalia said. “And I didn’t take it personally. ‘Oh Daddy, come to my softball game.’ No, I mean, it’s my softball game. He has his work. I got my softball game. Of course, she was very loyal. She went to all the games.”

5. She Has Been Involved With Anti-Abortion Groups

antonin scalia wife, maureen mccarthy scalia, maureen scalia


Maureen Scalia’s work as an anti-abortion advocate and pro-life counselor created some controversy in 2014, as some called for her husband to recuse himself from abortion-related cases.

According to, Maureen Scalia was a board member of the Nurturing Network, a crisis pregnancy organization.

“I have been moved by the courage of so many who in their loneliness struggle to protect the life they nurture within. Serving on the Board of the Nurturing Network is the culmination of my experience in working to protect and defend life,” her page on the organization’s website said before it was taken down, according to the Free Thought Project.

She also has been a “sidewalk counselor” outside of abortion clinics, according to Jezebel.



Want to understand

Wasn’t he the guy who just said blacks are inferior academically and are not prepared for main stream education…how do you miss a guy like this?


You too are being ugly. Compassion for your fellow man is the problem in this country right now and you are one of the problems.

Alicia Salinas

He didn’t show compassion for this fellow man, gay men. He judged, and soon he will be judged. May he R.I.P.


Well perhaps you will take that information from this guy…Published on Dec 15, 2015
Judge Antonin Scalia made comments about African American black students and Affirmative Action that were similar to the stance that Thomas Sowell has been saying for many years. Thomas Sowell is a famous black economist and has been a long-time member of Academia. Sowell has seen first-hand the negative effects of race based discrimination in the admissions process.

*You people hear a little rumor and you run with it trying your damndest to spread the bs as far and wide as possible. What you are saying is nothing more than liberal/progressive (I still have to laugh at the mention of the word progressive to describe you liberals) propaganda. If you had your way we would still be living in Pompeii before it was destroyed. Uncivilized!!! Not much more than a pack of horney dogs chasing your di**s around. Pathetic!

Matt N

Why do you leftists and liberals always insist on misrepresenting what he said in oral arguments? Did you understand what the context and line of questioning of that case?


He died unexpectedly in his sleep yesterday at 79. He was despised by many as an unyielding religious fanatic and certainly will not be mourned by many ! He was a staunch anti-gay bigot and wanted to also outlaw abortion and turn back much progress in women’s rights issues. The country and the Supreme Court will be far better off without him in the 21-st century !


I agree that Merman is a piece of garbage, disgusting, and should not write again…


Best to die a natural death plus at 79? Let’s see how you’ll end and I you’ll even live to be 79! No respect for folks is unacceptable.

Danny Tukes

He was a racist who should have known better. An Italian, who roots go back thousand of years with race mixing with Black Africans, Multi-race Arabs, Black Moors and Carthanians. He hated Blacks, Arabs and other people of color.
. And I bet, he had uncles, aunts and cousins who were very dark. I quess he forgot the racial prejudice against Italians. And to this day, many Whites still don’t see Italians as White, but Colored. My mother would tell me that down South, those dark Italians where treated just like Blacks. Whites didn’t like them. I will not mourn this racist. May he forever burn in hell. Danny Tukes


Totally agree, Merman!! He may have been a great guy to hang out with, but he did irreparable damage to this country with his backwards opinions and theories! A disgrace to Italian-Americans!

Jesse M.

Like the saying says “tell the truth and shame the devil”
and the attackers come out against merman for telling the truth.
They should be asking: Why no autopsy? where was his wife? why absolutely no comment from her or his family? why has this been handled so secretively?


You are totally uneducated due to your previous statement and did I mention an ASS


Conservatives need not worry, if the next president is Republican. The predominantly Republican congress will not replace Scalia until the next president is elected, and if he is a Republican (there are no Republican she-candidates at this point) Scalia’s replacement will be another conservative that shares his values. Hope so!!


Have some compassion for the man’s family and leave politics out of this. I am sure that you won’t be mourned by many either you disgusting person!! God doesn’t like ugly and you and your comments are ugly

Eyes Open

Republicans were in the forefront of starting the conversation about Scalia’s replacement.
If THAT isn’t politics, I don’t know what is.
I ‘m sure he was a nice man, but personal religious views are what our Founding Fathers were
trying to avoid when forming this country. Now it is a daily discussion. We may be heading for a
theocracy such as has consumed the Arab countries – believe as I believe or get out of the way.
We used to be a country of working together for the common good. The Republican party has made
it clear that all they want is President Obama’s failure and their own way about everything.
What a shame.


Because one is anti-gay does not make one a bigot. Because someone stands for right to life does not mean they are against woman’s rights. what about children’s rights. American society reveres’ animal right more than human rights . Heterosexual Marrieds have a harder time socially economically today than do gays. These so called AGENDAS are not giid for any society. Fear God and live, to do otherwise is a curse.

Tommy Clements Jr

If you don’t want to give gay people their rights you shouldn’t be Supreme Court justice I’m not gay and I wouldn’t want to discriminate gay people like people discriminated black people and brown people and ugly people and retarded people and handicapped people so don’t be stupid and discriminate another class of people

Alicia Salinas

I agree with you. Hate is hate, discriminating against someone’s way of life, mistakes, or ways of life is wrong.

Alicia Salinas

If one expresses that they believe in the death penalty, and then try to say that the discarding of fetus tissue is wrong or is killing, then they are bigoted.

V.J. Lawson

Alicia: It’s like using Leviticus for one thing and ignoring the rest. The death penalty violates the Commandment, and so does killing disobedient children.


How can you compare the unborn with murderers? Is it a crime to be unwanted? And “fetal tissue” as you mentioned includes brains, hearts, blood, faces, limbs, skin and internal organs all distinctly unique. All the things that make up a human being.

V.J. Lawson

Wow! Misinterpretation of the teachings of Christ and ashamed to identify yourself clearly indicates you are a bigot, against women’s rights, advocate for children only until they are born, and harbor hate rather than love for your fellow man. Nevertheless, may G_d bless you and keep you.


Amen! I agree whole heartedly with all the above you went off about. I should replace him on the court to make sure we have someone with morals still on the unsupreme court. Anti SIN (insert your label of choice here) is anti SIN period. You can’t be for 1 sin and against another but in your case you’d never know any better simple earth dweller. I hope you figure it out before you die that indeed there is a creator YHWH and your not it. Follow His plan for all of us and live with the blessed hope that by accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior you will not be found guilty before that very creator. For righteousness cannot let go of the sin you’ve done. Only the shed blood on the cross that awesome perfect work of Jesus will save you from eternal hell.


You are a liberal that thinks its ok to be a bigot against conservatives. Look in the mirror and realize that it needs to go both ways. You just look like a hateful bitch, no one will listen to you


As you look like a horrid, hateful bitch who hates everyone but your own intolerant kind.


I fail to see any distinction between either of you. Rather than focus on your hatred of others, why not consider how two people with as polar opposite views as Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Antonin Scalia could be great friends. This is the example we should look to follow. You may disagree with some on any point, but it is an utter lack of respect for them and yourself to attack them personally and hatefully for their beliefs.


Although I take no joy in his death (as it appears you do from the above), I pray that Obama will be able to fill his seat with someone more liberal and respectful of the separation between church and state.

Nancy Carter

Wow really Merman I guess he didn’t earn a right to have his own opinion so since he ideals doesn’t agree with yours he is fair game to slam him and his family upon his death!


At least we heard from the liberal scum first, thanks Merman for stepping up to the ridicule machine.


if only he had been a womanizing drug using, tax cheating gay transvestite, making millions for himself…Merman would have liked him better


here here! the truth hurts these types of people who are narrow minded, mean spirited and angry and anything other than their sad version of what the world is today Merman.. Well said and thank you!

Matt N

For the liberals who can not suppress their hatred of a great Justice who was simply faithful to the Constitution as it was originally intended. Justice Scalia was not against anything–be it abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action, etc.–he was simply pro-Constitution and believed that those issues should be left to the states and The People to decide, not any activist court, left or right, with flawed men and women in black robes.


“Merman” simply spoke the factual, or possibly the empirical, truth regarding Scalia’s socio-political ideologies. I am a logical and rational liberal and I, too, did not appreciate Scalia’s agenda. However, I must offer deference to Scalia’s brilliant legal mind and he must be given the respect he deserves as a insightful jurist. As far as how losing Scalia will impact the court and, therefore, future interpretations of the Constitution of these United States, well, the the jury is still out on that question….;}


and very soon Yeshua YHWH (that would be God idiot) will crush your skull and thhe abominable germ spreading disease infested homo lesbian assholes and then…cast you in hell and eternity in the new earth forever will be better off with no more scum

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