Bee Free Honee on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owners

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Bee Free Honee entered the Shark Tank to debut their plant-based sweetener made from organic apples. The idea for the product came about when creator Katie Sanchez was trying to make apple jelly without reading the directions, which resulted in her creating apple ‘honey’ by accident. We interviewed Sanchez and Melissa Elms, who is the co-owner, about their honee.

When asked what it tastes like, they said, “The consistency is very similar to traditional honey, the flavor is honey-esque, with a an apple tart twist in the finish.

Here’s what else they told us about…

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How the Idea For the Company Came About

Customer Feedback

Thus far we’ve gotten super reviews of mainly 5 stars. Most folks are surprised by how much our product is so similar to traditional raw honey in viscosity and the versatility in use as well as in the flavor profiles.

Why We Should Save Bees

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We cannot afford to lose these valuable pollinators. They are vital to our food system. We can do better in how we treat the bees with commercialized beekeeping and to alter our expectations as consumers on how we purchase. It used to be that honey was a seasonal item, it was special and cherished. Now it is expected to be in unlimited quantities all year long. Bees no longer hibernate, they travel the US all year long pollinating orchards and groves being exposed to every climate, every pesticide, every parasite…because the growers don’t want to have the hassle of keeping their own hives.

Buy Bee Free Honee here.

Nerves in the ‘Tank’

Bee Free Honee scheduled on ABC Shark Tank 2-12-2016

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It was intense and nerve-wracking, but we were also very confident and the folks on the production were incredible at keeping the atmosphere friendly, yet professional and calming. We understand why they have won several Emmy’s.

Buy Bee Free Honee here.


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I would like to make a point in saying that the owners of bee free honee need to educate themselves on the beekeeping industry before they talk about it. They informed people of nothing but lies and misinformation about bees and beekeeping in general

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