WATCH: South Carolina GOP Debate Full Video Replay

The remaining Republican presidential candidates squared off Saturday night in the ninth GOP primary debate live from The Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina.

The debate aired on CBS and was moderated by John Dickerson. Frontrunner Donald Trump was joined in the debate by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

You can watch a full video replay of the debate above.

You can also watch the latest Democratic debate here.

The debate was held about a week before the South Carolina primary, which will be held February 20.

Once you’ve watched the debate, you can vote on who you think won in the poll below:




Donald Trump states the studio audience is stacked against him. I wonder how many people he has on his payroll to go on line and say he won the debate. Honestly, I hit the mute button when he starts to speak.


Plz Bill save it man.. All those politicians on stage r a bunch of pre-programmed controlled puppets with no backbone..!! We’ve been listening to there BS 4 the past 30+yrs bud and whats changed NOTHING..!! Typical BS from candidates say what the people wanna hear and when there in office 0 gets done..!! Instead of 15yrs in Iraq and Trillions of $ spemt how about investing in our infrastructure our old as hell and vulnerable power grid, schools, bridges, Rds., I can go on 4 ever but Trumps the bad guy and would be terrible but all those other liars on stage would do and chg something rt boss..!?? Gimme a freakin break Bill..!!

Laura Smith

Booing from the audience when Donald Trump would speak on a point appeared very orchestrated by those in the audience who wanted to provoke him. I do not think that should be allowed to be done to anyone debating. Donald Trump handled himself just fine considering what the audience was doing. Shame on CBS for permitting that‼️ All it accomplished was giving the MEDIA their typical garbage reporting to try and dismiss Trump as not a worthy candidate.


Agree. The debate was rigged by the RNC in both New Hampshire and South Carolina. It was obvious the RNC allowed only sponsors in the debate hall. It was doubly obvious tonight the debate was rigged to make Jeb shine. Even so, IMHO, although he did better tonight than in prior debates, he was far from shining. He is weak and does not communicate well.

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