POLL: Who ‘Won’ the Democratic Town Hall?

Bernie Sanders town hall, Hillary Clinton town hall, MSNBC town hall

Bernie Sanders, here at a campaign event, participated in a town hall for MSNBC tonight. Getty

With the polling race in South Carolina coming to an end soon, the GOP candidates will lay out their proposals for South Carolinians one more time in an MSNBC town hall hosted by Chuck Todd and JD Balart. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders gave impassioned personal testimonies and laid out their plans for transforming the economy and handling national security and domestic issues.

Read our recap below, then vote for your favorite in our poll at the bottom of the page.


Sanders called himself a “strong feminist” and mentioned previous support from Gloria Steinem:

Clinton talked about her experiences advocating for women’s rights worldwide:

Criminal Justice

Sanders decried the effects of simple possession charges on young people:

National Security/Foreign Policy

Sanders called for an end to Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry:

Clinton said she would make immigration “a big political issue.”

More specifically, Clinton called for tech companies and the FBI to work together in the wake of the San Bernandino shootings:

Domestic Policy

Sanders advocated a paradigm shift in tax policy:

Clinton described herself as a “progressive who likes to make progress.” On the issue of gay marriage, where her progressivism has been questioned, she described her position as “evolving” and noted a key endorsement:

Health Care

Sanders, Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee at the time of the VA health care scandal, said he would “apologize to nobody” for his tenure at the position. He also reiterated his support for health care as a human right, and spoke on the details of universal implementation:

Each Other

Clinton called out Sanders for only recently identifying as a Democrat:

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