Donald Trump Polish Workers: Fine Hot Topic During Debate

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, polish immigrants, workers, gop debate


Marco Rubio went on the offensive in the opening minutes of the GOP debate in Texas. Rubio attacked Donald Trump a number of times, but his fiercest attack came as he brought up Trump’s work with Polish immigrants.

Rubio encouraged viewers to “Google Donald Trump Polish workers”. What exactly was he referring to?

According to The Daily Beast, Trump used over 200 workers known as the “Polish Brigade” to help build the Trump Tower in Manhattan in the late 1990’s. The story notes that the workers worked 12-hour days, seven days a week.

Wojciech Kozak spoke to The New York Times in 1998 regarding the working conditions he and other immigrants faced when preparing to build the Trump Tower:

“We worked in horrid, terrible conditions. We were frightened illegal immigrants and did not know enough about our rights,” Kozak told the Times.

A civil suit noted that the workers were paid less than $5 an hour. Trump defended himself in The New York Times article:

”All we did was to try to keep a job going that was started by someone else. In fact, we helped people and it has cost a lot of money in legal fees,” Trump told the Times.

The case was settled in 1999 but details of the settlement were not disclosed.

A recent The New York Times article detailed the dilemma Trump finds himself in regarding his outspoken potential immigration policies compared with his history as businessman.

The story noted that since 2010, more than 300 United States residents applied to work at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida but only 17 workers were hired. The majority of the jobs were filled with foreign guest workers from various countries including Romania.

In a 2015 CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump stopped short of saying he did not have undocumented workers as employees:

I can’t guarantee it. How can anyone? You have anywhere from 11 to 34 million illegal immigrants. I used to hear 11, now I hear 34 million! I can’t guarantee anything. But I can say this, We work very hard to make sure that everybody is legal as opposed to illegal.”

Rubio was pointing to a potential contradiction in Trump’s immigration stance contrasting with his business practices. He also joked that Trump suit and ties were made in “Mexico and China” taking away jobs from the United States.

Rubio’s attacks come just days before the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses as he attempts to narrow Trump’s lead. Here’s more details on Rubio’s attacks on Trump during the GOP debate.


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Harry Wilks

Marco….you look like a kid setting at the adults table. You give vague facts and act like a politician….which is why America isnt supporting you and Cruz! Quit hiding behind innuendos and suggestive remarks that are half true. You and Cruz use snippets to support your point and it’s embarrassing (yet funny) to watch. Do you honestly think that every application comes across his desk? Do you thinj that illegal immigrants come in with a sign on there chest that says “deport me”? You are an embarrassment to the party. Along with “snake in the grass” Cruz….who preaches a great message….but his actions and the people around him contradict every single time he speaks. I vote Trump because he has the balls to speak like a man. Talk from his heart. Not hide behind script writers who treat you like a computer and tell you what to say and how to act. You and Cruz want votes? Then put your big boy pants on and talk like you got a pair. Speak from your heart and not what you think republicans or christians or voters want to hear. America is tured of hearing all the warm n fuzzy bull shit politicians try to feed us. That’s why America says set down liars and crybabies so a real man can do the job you all have f++cked up for years!

Harry Rasmussen

I agree Harry Wilks, you have hit the nail on the head. Donald Trump is speaking for the American People. He is not the puppet that all the others running for office are molded into. Say no to puppets!

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