Dorothy Dutiel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dorothy Dutiel Instagram page

Dorothy Dutiel pictured on her Instagram page.

Dorothy Dutiel shot and killed her girlfriend May Kieu before Kieu could break up with her. Dutiel then turned the gun on herself, committing suicide. The two girls were 15-year-old sophomores at Independence High School in Glendale, Arizona. The horror unfolded there just before 8 a.m. on February 10. The couple had known each other since the 5th grade and begun dating in the 8th when Dutiel says she, “was too scared to verbally ask her. So I wrote it on a sticky note and she said yes.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dutiel’s Last Tweet Simply Read, ‘Good Bye :)’

Dorothy Dutiel Twitter last tweet


In a tweet sent out just hours before the shooting, Dutiel said, “Good bye :).” On her Instagram page, Dutiel posted a photo of the beach with the caption, “Listen. Be the good. Move forward.”

On December 12, she joked on her Twitter page that she was “Living with a pregnant woman that you’re now a slave to.”

2. Police Haven’t Said Where Dutiel Got the Gun From

Glendale, Arizona PD: Two female students shot, killed at a high schoolTwo teenagers at a Glendale, Arizona high school were killed Friday morning in a shooting that police are calling a "tragic" situation. ◂ 23ABC News brings you up to the minute breaking news alerts, weather, traffic as well as live streaming video for Bakersfield, Kern County and all over the world. 23ABC News, KERO, brings…2016-02-12T19:11:03Z

American Airlines pilot Henry Del Rey, who was on scene at Independence High School, wrote on his Facebook page, “The girls who were killed were dating. One didn’t wanna be with the other and when she tried breaking it off the other girl shot her and shot herself.”

A man who lives nearby to Independence High School told NBC Phoenix that he heard, “Three loud shots; like somebody dropping plywood.” As the situation unfolded, police in Glendale were quick to stress that it was not an active-shooter event and that there was no further risk to the community. Both Kieu and Dutiel were declared dead at the scene and neither was rushed to a hospital. The murder weapon was found beside Dutiel’s body. At a press conference in the aftermath of the incident, police confirmed that they are treating the incident as a murder/suicide and that a suicide note was found at the scene.

3. The Couple Were ‘Best Friends’ Before they Started Dating

Dorothy Dutiel May Kieu

Dutiel and Kieu pictured together. (Instagram)

In December 2015, Dutiel wrote a glowing tribute to Lieu on Instagram, she said:

This is my lovely babe from a while back. Sadly I don’t have any photos from 2013, but that’s when we begun dating. It started in 6/7th grade when we were friends.

Through like 7th grade we were “best friends” and god I loathed the word. I liked May since 5th grade, a little kid crush I guess. Slowly I began to see what a lovely dork she was.

There was a point where she thought of me as her sister, and the feels were damaged. Along this time frame we both dated, but that doesnt really matter anymore. She was the light of my life, and by 8th grade I knew she was interested.

But of course both of us were dorks and I was too scared to verbally ask her. So I wrote it on a sticky note and she said yes. That was Nov. 11, 2013.

We graduated from 8th grade together, and fearfully entered freshmen year. We had little hard ships along the way but we both grew from them.

Life seemed to get a little better and she was still there. I couldn’t believe she was still there, holding my hand.

In an interview with, one of Dutiel’s classmates said, “They were about to break up I believe, yesterday they seemed fine…They were both really nice and I would have never expected this to happen.” The friend added that Kieu and Dutiel’s relationship was accepted by the school community.

4. Despite Her Actions, Dutiel Is Being Mourned by Her Friends on Social Media

As news of Kieu and Dutiel’s deaths spread, their friends took to social media to mourn there. No blame for the shooting is given to Dutiel from the messages of condolences being circulated on Twitter. Here are some of the most poignant:

Meanwhile on Instagram, one friend wrote:

I’m at school right now and it’s sad to hear this. I know these two girls and I’m crying. Why does this have to happen.. This is too much. They’re both dead and its so depressing. Omfg I can’t.. Please show more love people. Please care more Please no. This can’t be happening. I see them everyday and talk to them. We had plans and seeing this make me want to shut everything out. Please..

Later, that same friend wrote, “I miss May and Dorothy already. Please come back. I miss you.” Another friend, Maria Guadalupe Berrelleza, wrote on Facebook:

There was a very unfortunate tragedy at Independence High School today. R.I.P May and Dorthy…
Dorthy and May were these very kind girls, and who made me feel welcomed when I was just a stranger and I’m sorry but I will miss seeing their smiling faces. My heart sincerely goes out to the families.

5. The Mayor of Glendale’s Daughter Went to Independence High School

Independence High School Shooting

(Screengrab via Fox Phoenix)

In a separate message, Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers said, “Our hearts go out to everyone at Independence High School this morning. We are standing by for information.” He later told the media, “This school has special meaning to me, my daughter when to this school. Tragedy hits close to home.”

While Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey said, “Our prayers are with the students, educators & families at Independence High School & all the first responders on the scene. #PatriotPride.”

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson wrote on Twitter, “Praying for the shooting incident in Glendale! ?? #WeNeedMoreLoveInThisWorld #PrayersUp.”

The entrance to Independence High School. (Google Street View)

The entrance to Independence High School. (Google Street View)

The high school is part of the Glendale Union High School District, opening in 1977. NBC Phoenix describes the school as being in a “largely residential neighborhood.” According to Department of Education statistics the school is nearly 60 percent hispanic. There are just over 2,000 students enrolled.

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