Dorothy Dutiel: Photos of Independence High School Shooter

A sophomore at Independence High School in Glendale, Arizona, shot and killed her girlfriend May Kieu before Kieu could break up with her. The incident unfolded just prior to the start of school at around 8 a.m. on February 12. Just after killing Kieu, Dorothy Dutiel turned the gun on herself and committed suicide. Both girls were 15 years old.

In a tweet sent out just hours before the shooting, Dutiel said, "Good bye :)." On her Instagram page, Dutiel posted a photo of the beach with the caption, "Listen. Be the good. Move forward."

On December 12, she joked on her Twitter page that she was "Living with a pregnant woman that you're now a slave to."

The couple had known each other since the 5th grade and begun dating in the 8th when Dutiel says she, "was too scared to verbally ask her. So I wrote it on a sticky note and she said yes."

Here are the photos of Dutiel that you need to see: