WATCH: Helicopter Crash at Pearl Harbor Video

Helicopter Crash Pearl Harbor 2/18/16 10:15 am ORIGINAL EyewitnessSLOW MOTION— Today I witnessed and recorded the helicopter crash in Pearl Harbor. Story with details My prayers best regards and wishes go to the families involved. 4 adults were known to survive, the minor has been reported as passed. I just verified the tail numbers from my pics. I was on that…2016-02-18T20:59:01Z

One person is in critical condition after this shocking helicopter crash in Hawaii. According to the video’s uploader, the incident occurred in Pearl Harbor at 10:15 a.m. local time on February 18.

The Associated Press reports that one of the people who was on board is in critical condition. That victim is a 16-year-old boy, according to Hawaii News Now. The station says the helicopter belonged to Genesis Aviation and was on a sightseeing tour in the area.

(Screengrab via YouTube)

(Screengrab via YouTube)

The crash happened close to the Arizona Memorial in Oahu. As a result of the accident, the memorial has been closed for the day as emergency services are using it as a staging area, reports Hawaii News Now. Witnesses told the station that good Samaritans jumped into the water after the crash to help the victims, one person had to be freed using a knife. Roy Gano, who was there, told News Now, “It narrowly missed the rocky edge and turned to its side. I saw people dive into the water to help.”

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