Super Tuesday States & Delegates 2016

Donald Trump has an early lead in the GOP delegates. (Getty)

Donald Trump has an early lead in the GOP delegates. (Getty)

What is so super about Super Tuesday on March 1? In simple terms, there are a lot of states holding primaries, which means there are a lot of delegates at stake for both parties. On the Democratic side, the winning candidate must have at least 2,383 delegates to win the nomination. For Republicans, 1,237 delegates are needed for the nomination.

Super Tuesday will likely put one candidate in each party in the driver’s seat to win the nomination while potentially ending the hopes of other candidates. For both parties, Texas has the most delegates of any state thus far in the nomination process.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are among the GOP candidates looking to cut into Donald Trump’s lead. Heading into Super Tuesday, Trump leads with 81 delegates while Cruz and Rubio are both tied for second with 17 delegates.

Heading into Saturday’s South Carolina primary, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were tied with 51 delegates. Clinton also has the advantage of having an additional 453 superdelegates that have been pledged to her. She is a heavy favorite to win South Carolina and is also a favorite in almost all of the Super Tuesday states.

Here’s a look at the Super Tuesday delegate breakdown for both the GOP and Democratic parties.

Republican Super Tuesday States & Delegate Counts

The majority of the Super Tuesday states use the proportional method to award the delegates. Delegates are rewarded to multiple candidates based on the results. A candidate may not win a state but still has an opportunity to win some of the state’s delegates. The Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming caucuses use the unbounded method of awarding delegates. The primaries on March 15 mark the beginning of the winner-take-all method that constitutes the majority of the remaining primaries.

Alabama 50
Alaska 28
Arkansas 40
Georgia 76
Massachusetts 42
Minnesota 38
Oklahoma 43
Tennessee 58
Texas 155
Vermont 16
Virginia 49

(Notes: Republicans in Colorado will also hold their caucus on Super Tuesday, but the outcome will have no impact on how the state allocates its 37 delegates. Wyoming Republicans have a long nominating process that starts with precinct caucuses on Super Tuesday, but doesn’t wrap up until the state party convention in April. The Green Papers website has a good rundown of the process. )

Democratic Super Tuesday States & Delegate Counts

Aside from the Colorado caucus, all the primaries on the Democratic side use the proportional method to award the delegates. This is good news for the Sanders campaign. Although early polls suggest he is trailing in nearly every Super Tuesday state, he still has an opportunity to win delegates even if he does not win the state.

Alabama 60
American Samoa 10
Arkansas 37
Colorado 79
Georgia 116
Massachusetts 116
Minnesota 93
Oklahoma 42
Tennessee 76
Texas 252
Vermont 26
Virginia 110
Democrats abroad 17

(Note: Democrats abroad can cast ballots between March 1 and March 8 in their “global primary.” )


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To me, Hillary Clinton is a total phony and she and Bill gained membership among the hoarders of the world’s and nation’s wealth that hold no allegiance to the common people of any land. The Clintons got membership looting great wealth while supposedly serving entire lives of public service—establishment politics pays better than did old-fashioned crime
My resolve to tolerate NO MORE has burst me across the generations into an inferno of rebuke for more of the same-O same. I say this as one of the lifelong Democrats born in the depths of the Great Depression early hearing the fireside chats of FDR challenging Americans for their Rendezvous Destiny and coming of age playing a child’s part in the making peaceful progress at home and by America becoming the Arsenal of Democracy in the violent fight abroad that quelled the threat that Axis Powers had set loose upon the world. Our elders in their doing proved themselves to be a Greatest Generation of Americans that together built themselves membership in the largest middle class in a land of the most abundantly shared prosperity in history.

Aside from fashion, there is no difference between Hillary Clinton and her once good friend Donald Trump beyond Donald having amassed his hoarding wealth the old fashioned way while Hillary and Bill played their shell game of politics. I have felt so good about sanding among and FEELING THE BERN with this remarkable younger generation at the University of Iowa who showed up and showed up with Sanders with a palpable spirit intent of proving themselves to be another Greatest Generation in build an American Dream for their times. They will not let us down and his primary campaign will indicate if we Democrat Party members of long standing let them down. Oh but members of the establishment can let them know how foolish it is to believe in something bigger than oneself and press down on them a dismal conviction that nothing of lasting national importance can ever again be done.


Are you another jealous Bernie supporter who doesn’t like Trump because he want share his wealth with you? Ugh. WE DONT NEED SOCIALISM!! What part of that do you not understand? Trump isn’t like the ordinary republican candidate, that is why he is doing so well. I was for Hillary in 2008, never again, too much baggage!


Do you think public schools, police, fire departments, road/bridge construction is a good idea? If so…. you’re already a socialist! All Bernie Sander’s version socialism means is that the government should benefit the people and not big businesses, the uber-rich etc.


We are already democratic socialists. Also, anyone who would rather their tax dollars go to the industrial complex and not to help rebuild our nation and our middle class has issues.

Anonymous II

No, he’s worse. You probably voted for Bush and still don’t see a problem with that, either.


If you do not want socialism then why are you paying into social security and Medicare , you dumb ass , what part of socialism don’t you understand . That is socialism , the whole country pays into it , and it benefits everybody . When you work you are not given a CHOICE if you want to pay into social security or not , the government takes it from your paycheck whether you like it or not . So does that help you understand what socialism is , don’t you want socialized health care ?it is so sad to know that Americans like you are so uninformed and and misinformed and just believe what they hear from others without even doing their research , and get the right information before you start spreading and believing in false information .


Thank you for stating the truth, some people, most people will still believe what they want to believe,


Yeah, because this socialist won’t be just like every other socialist ever, right?

In his first election, I voted for Obama…….that was before I discovered the he and Hillary Clinton were laughing while jacking the American people off……..Now I am voting for Bernie, who is not a traitor…..take that and shove it where you will…….


We already practice Democratic Socialism: Social Security, Air traffic Controllers: Fire stations: Police; Streets:;Medicare: Snowplows; Schools, Parks, Weather, Satellites, and so many other things that make us a wonderful place to live. However, things are getting shabbier and shabbier. That is because the richest 20 families in the United States own about as much as a third of all Americans. That is about 115 million people. That’s obscene. They do it though bribes to Congress. They then do their bidding. They slash money for all the things that benefit people, and get us in constant wars so they can make money.The only one who is not bought out is Bernie. He’s honest and works for us. I am proud to donate to him, and to volunteer my time to help make him president. He is our next #FDR. (Oh, and I’ve been working since I was 13, I put myself through college, and I make a decent salary, so I don’t get a damn thing out of this). I also do NOT have any increase in my taxes from Bernie’s plan, and that is because it is slowly being transferred in, an element at a time…and you will save SO MUCH in not paying deductible, part of the lab bill, etc., that under Bernie’s plan, we will all save money. In fact, many people will be making at least $5000 more.


Bernie is a Bum that has no Idea of what hard work is. Every candidate we have sucks. Why do you think most of the super rich and party leaders want Trump out of the race? They want him out because he is going to rock the boat. Bernie is too timid to get anything done in that corrupt city and he will be knocked over like a F5 tornado in a trailer park.


Awesome speech. Just one problem, the American dream is about being able to work harder and get ahead, while socialism is about no-one being allowed to get ahead no matter how much harder you work. 

On top of that, people will soon figure out they get paid the same weather they work or set on their asses doing nothing. Soon everyone sits on there asses doing nothing. That’s when the government starts stepping in, when they realize there’s no-one left to take from and nothing left to take. 

Then you really feel the Bern, because the gov has to provide somehow, so they force people to work, usually with whips and chains. These work camps are historically referred too as gulags. Then, since the government officials can’t support there wine steak and Rolls Royce lifestyle and still give you your weekly allotment of toilet paper, guess what you go without… That’s right, you get to wipe your butt with with that copy of the N.Y. Times on your side table. I know you were planning to use that to seal up that drafty window, it’s been such a cold winter, and your little girl just hasn’t been the same since that frostbite that she got sleeping in her bedroom. If only the government hadn’t had to ration the gas to heat our homes, she would’ve never gotten that infection from the frostbite, and never would’ve had to have her foot amputated. But it is what it is, if only all those lazy bums would get of there ass and work like you do, she would’ve been fine. 

That’s when you start grumbling about how your gov isn’t taking care of you and your people anymore. Your neighbor, however, has found a way too get his tp. And maybe some old moldy cheese to feed his underweight starving 5 and 3 year old children. He’ll just report you as a possible dissenter. The “special police” show up on your doorstep the next morning and haul you away for questioning, leaving your starving 5 and 3 year old children crying in the door way, holding on to there mother’s dirty pant leg screaming Papa! Papa come back…” 

You can only look at them with fear in your eyes wondering if you will see them again. In a panic, You reach for your children and try to tell them you love them, but you don’t even get a single word out before the steel baton crushes your teeth to pieces, embedding shards of the rock hard enamel into what used to be your lips. Crushing your jaw bone to a useless pile of bone inside a rapidly swelling and bleeding lump of flesh that at one time was a handsome face. The pressure is immense, and for a moment, as the world begins to fade away, you think “what was that? Oh God, did my little girl see that? Kyle could take it, he’s tough, but my little Sasha, she’d break.”

 You hear your little girl scream, a terror filled horrible shriek that pierces your heart and instantly paralyzes you. Another blow lands, this time it connects with the side of your thigh. The sound… oh God, the sound. Like nothing you’ve ever heard before, like a tree limb snapping. All your weight tumbles to the ground. Screaming in pain, you look up. In a moment of clarity, you see your wife pulling your screaming and balling children back into the house with tears in her eyes. She won’t look at you, she knows what happens next if she does, just like the Johnson’s last t week, and she doesn’t want her children hurt, like there’s were. 

You lock eyes with your son, for only an instant. You see fear like you’ve never wanted to see in your child. Something no child should ever experience, in your opinion. You feel love and a terrible regret right at that moment, as you lie on the ground, taking blow after blow to your once strong and proud body. You know at this point, this is the end. You know now that the neighbors are watching, and the police have to make an example of anyone who steps out of line, and you resisted arrest when you reached for your kids. A single tear traces a wet trail down a dirty cheek when one final thought goes through your mind, “this isn’t how it was supposed to be, this isn’t the socialism I voted for, how could it get this bad, and what will be made of my kids by a government that will do this to a person who voted for it to begin with?” Everything fades to black.

You realize your head is pounding like you’ve never felt before, it hurts so bad it makes you vomit. You are on a cold stone floor, your legs are both broken and hurt so bad. You try to scream, but it only makes it worse. You can’t get a full breath, and it feels like you are dying. But you realize right now that means that you are alive. You didn’t think it would be possible with the beating you took, but here you are. You have time too wonder about Sasha and Kyle, and the thought terrifies you. You roll over and feel like your face has landed in something cold, and slimey, and the smell makes you gag, whoever was in this cell before you had a serious case of the runs, and no one cleaned it out.You start seeing stars as your vision begins fade once again. The cell door opens with a loud clank and the sunlight instantly binds you shooting pains through your shattered skull. A voice from an almost ethereal shadow tells you “you are scheduled for your hearing in only three months. Your lucky it is so fast, we’ve had a tidal wave of you assholes come through here, and some of them don’t get to see the judge for a year or more. Cheer up, your wife is in the cell next to you, and she didn’t make it out nearly as pretty as you did.” He chuckles to himself as you try to say something. An action that will probably never happen again. He kicks you in the leg and laughs, shutting the door loudly. The darkness returns, and you realize your nightmare has only begun.

Electing one socialist is how this starts. It was this way with Vladimir Lennon (estimates as high as 100 million), Adolf Hitler (30 million), Mao Zedong (60 million), Pol Pot (3 million or 25% of Cambodia’s population. One out of every four), Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin (40 million)

There are literally hundreds of examples of socialist takeovers in history, and in every one of them, immediately after it happens, they begin the purgings. Politicides (where they kill all the opposing partys) and genocides (this one shouldn’t require to much explanation) are common. People rounded up, put on trains, sent off neverto be heard from again. For Christ’s sake they used to swing babies against a tree in Cambodia. Socialism doesn’t sound very nice to me. 

So, if you want to “feel the Bern” just remember, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. 


Yes, we are all for Donald Trump, no matter what the media says, my loyalty is 199%. GOD BLESS AMERICA and my prayers include for the safety and protection of Donald including his family and our country United States of America, and we the people.


if you really love america, then you shouldn’t be for DONALD THE EFFING TRUMP.

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