Iowa Caucus 2016: All the Memes You Need to See

The Iowa caucus polls open today and it's predicted to be a close race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican ticket and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic. Donald Trump retook the lead from Ted Cruz in the latest Des Moines Register poll, widely regarded as the most reliable, but a closer look at the data suggests it may be closer than the first take suggests. Trump's national lead and his big margins in New Hampshire, meanwhile, seem a lot more secure. Trump also holds the national betting lead, as aggregated by PredictWise. As for the Democratic ticket, Hillary Clinton maintains the national polling lead, according to RealClearPolitics, but Bernie Sanders is on her heels in Iowa. Despite these tight margins, the betting markets (according to PredictWise) and Iowa FiveThirtyEight forecasts continue to favor Hillary. Sanders continues his hold on New Hampshire polls. Click on for funny memes!