Minnesota GOP Polls 2016: Trump, Cruz & Rubio in Battle

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are fighting for Minnesota. (Getty)

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are fighting for Minnesota. (Getty)

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are fighting for states like Minnesota to have a chance at competing with Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Rubio campaigned in Minnesota just a week before Super Tuesday emphasizing his belief that he gives the Republican party the best chance of winning the general election.

Most of the available polling data dates back to the fall, but Star Tribune/Mason-Dixon conducted polling in January. The data includes Jeb Bush given he was stilling running for the nomination at the time of the polling.

A lot has happened since January, but the polls can at least give people a sense of the pulse of Minnesota as the GOP looks toward Super Tuesday.

The most recent polling has Rubio slightly ahead of Cruz for first place. Trump was in third in the January polling numbers. It is important to note that Trump has been on a hot streak since the polling took place and that is likely only to help his chances of performing well in Minnesota.

Here’s a look at the latest Minnesota GOP Polls:

RealClear Politics Average

RealClear Politics keeps a running average of the polls from Minnesota. The average includes data from three polls. The Star Tribune/Mason-Dixon poll conducted January 18-20, the KSTP/SurveyUSA poll conducted October 29-November 2 and the PPP poll conducted July 30-August 2.

Donald Trump 20.7
Marco Rubio 14.7
Ben Carson 13.7
Ted Cruz 10.7
Jeb Bush 10.3
John Kasich 2.3

Star Tribune/Mason-Dixon Poll

The Star Tribune/Mason-Dixon poll was conducted January 18-20.

Marco Rubio 23
Ted Cruz 21
Donald Trump 18
Ben Carson 11
Jeb Bush 7
John Kasich 2

KSTP/SurveyUSA Poll

The KSTP/SurveyUSA poll was conducted October 29-November 2.

Donald Trump 26
Ben Carson 19
Marco Rubio 16
Jeb Bush 9
Ted Cruz 4
John Kasich

PPP Poll

The PPP poll was conducted July 30-August 2.

Donald Trump 18
Jeb Bush 15
Ben Carson 11
Ted Cruz 7
Marco Rubio 5
John Kasich 3

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