May Kieu: Photos of Teen Killed at Independence High School

A 15-year-old sophomore at Independence High School was killed by her girlfriend at around 8 a.m. in Glendale, Arizona. May Kieu had been trying to break up with her partner of just over two years. Her girlfriend then took her own life.

Speaking to, one of Kieu's classmates said, "They were about to break up I believe, yesterday they seemed fine...They were both really nice and I would have never expected this to happen." The friend added that Kieu and her girlfriend's relationship was accepted by the school community.

American Airlines pilot Henry Del Rey who was on scene at Independence High School wrote on his Facebook page, "The girls who were killed were dating. One didn't wanna be with the other and when she tried breaking it off the other girl shot her and shot herself."

On Independence High School's website, it says that in February 2015, a year before her death, May Kieu was named Freshman of the Month for her academic achievements. On girlfriend's Instagram page, she paid tribute to Kieu singing a solo at the school's Christmas concert in December 2015. She wrote, "My sweety did such a wonderful job singing her solo, "Santa Baby" at the winter concert. She was enchanting and sung with grace. Shes so v talented."

A man who lives nearby to Independence High School told NBC Phoenix that he heard, "Three loud shots; like somebody dropping plywood." As the shooting unfolded, police in Glendale were quick to stress that it was not an active-shooter event and that there was no further risk to the community. Both Kieu and her girlfriend were declared dead at the scene and neither was rushed to a hospital. The murder weapon was found beside her girlfriend's body. At a press conference in the aftermath of the incident, a police spokesperson said that investigators weren't releasing a motive yet and were not calling it a murder suicide.

Here are the photos that celebrate May Kieu's life, a life that was ended far too soon: