O.J. Simpson Robbery & Kidnapping Sentence: What Is His Release Date?

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O.J. Simpson in Clark County District Court on May 17, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty)

While O.J. Simpson, the focus of the new FX show “American Crime Story,” was found not guilty in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, the former football star and actor is behind bars.

Simpson was found guilty in 2008 in a Nevada robbery and kidnapping case and was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

He is eligible for parole in October 2017. Simpson is currently serving his sentence at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

Four other men involved in the case were given probation.

Simpson, according to court documents, broke into a Las Vegas hotel room on September 13, 2007, with the other men. The room belonged to Bruce Fromong, a sports memorabilia dealer.

Fromong told police the men broke into the hotel room and stole various memorabilia at gunpoint. Simpson was arrested on September 16, 2007. He admitted to taking the items, but said they had been stolen from him. He has denied breaking into the room himself.

Simpson was found guilty in October 3, 2008, on charges of kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon, burglary, coercion, assault, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime. It was exactly 13 years to the day after he was acquitted of murder.

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