POLL: Who ‘Won’ the Democratic Town Hall?

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Bernie Sanders with Chris Cuomo at tonight’ss CNN town hall. Getty)

Tonight’s town hall for CNN comes at a critical time for Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. While the pledged delegate count is tied, Clinton is predicted to win South Carolina and most of the big Super Tuesday primaries by a wide margin, and has a big lead in unpledged or “super-” delegates. With that in mind, both candidates gave their last, best appeal to South Carolina voters at the CNN town hall tonight.

Read our recap below, then vote for the winner in our poll at the bottom of the page.


National Security/Foreign Policy

Sanders addressed his mid-70s advocacy for the abolition of the CIA:

Clinton defended the Obama administration’s work in Libya:

Corporations & Campaign Finance

Sanders said that the current campaign finance system “stinks,” singling out the Koch brothers for criticism:

He also talked about the US “need to take on” the tobacco industry:

In response to his request for transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s speeches for Wall Street firms, Sanders talked about the contents of his own speeches:

Racial Inequality & Social/Criminal Justice

Sanders said the criminal justice system was “broken:”

He also criticized Donald Trump for a “racist effort” to undermine President Obama:

Clinton cited a need to be “honest” about systemic racism:

Closing Pitch

Sanders, in his closing pitch, promised to be a President for “all of us:”