RIP Harper Lee: Best ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Memes & Quotes


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Check your sources. The “poetry” is by an Instagram poet who calls himself Atticus and writes like an angsty teenager. It has nothing in God’s green earth to do with Harper Lee.


I hate Harper Lee. Her book, To Kill A Gay Mockingbird, about trumped up racial charges against a black man was an idiotic tale about some loner weirdo who came to the rescue of a town. The whole novel was to try to make kids believe that blacks do not rape and murder, and that blacks should not be charged with crimes. To Kill A Mockingbird did more harm to the United States Court System than any other….today, prosecutors would rather not file charges against any black for any crime, even if they are guilty because of this race pandering piece of drivel that every liberal homosexual teacher forces children read everyday. The character Boo is supposed to make people feel that the local pedophile weirdo in town is actually some great guy who saves the day! Today, Boo would have to register as a sex offender in my town! This liberal drivel of a tall tale of propaganda should be sold only in the adult section of sleezy bookstores and require an IQ of under 90 to purchase.

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