Stormy Keffeler: The Photos You Need to See

Stormy Keffeler has been in the news a lot lately. The former Miss Washington USA had to resign recently and hand back her crown. She was also found with boyfriend Marco Pappa, MLS Soccer player, in December, after he had been brutally stabbed. She had blood on her hands, but Pappa said she wasn't involved. Click through the gallery to see more photos of Keffeler, the thoughts she's shared online, and the support she's received from her fans.

On December 17, cops arrived at Pappa's apartment in Seattle to find blood on the walls and a knife in the kitchen, TMZ reported. The report of the stabbing wasn't released until recently. Pappa had a two-to-three inch stab wound in his torso, but he told cops that Keffeler had not stabbed him. Keffeler had blood on her shirt and her hands, which she said was from trying to treat the stab wound that later required surgery. But cops said there was blood spatter on the wall, stab marks on the wall, and a trail of blood from the kitchen to the bathroom.

According to TMZ, Keffeler said in her 911 call that she had an accident at her boyfriend's apartment. But when they arrived, Keffeler said Pappa was bumped by an unknown person when they were walking home from a bar. (Instagram)

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