Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Antonin Scalia’s Funeral

Westboro Baptist Church Antonin Scalia


The monsters at the Westboro Baptist Church don’t like Catholics and at Antonin Scalia’s funeral they’re going to show it. The group has been obsessed with posting offensive message about the late Supreme Court judge since his passing on February 13.

Scalia’s funeral will take place at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. on Saturday, February 20 at 9 a.m. Eastern time, reports the New York Times.

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Scalia passed away while on a hunting trip in Texas. His funeral is Saturday. (Getty)

In one message, sent out on February 18, the church said, “If #Scalia was Christian he would’ve rejected idolatrous Catholics & fag-marrying justices.” That same day, the church’s members announced that they were planning to travel to D.C. from their home in Topeka, Kansas, to picket Scalia’s funeral. They said, “We looked Scalia in the eye & warned of the Day of Judgment. On Saturday, we’ll plead with his family.”

The group also believe that President Obama’s controversial decision not to attend the funeral was a ploy on his part to “avoid WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) signs.”

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Typically, the Westboro holy rollers call their appearances at controversial funerals “pickets.” In a tweet about Scalia’s funeral, they said, “We’ll preach outside his funeral.”

Here’s the full statement from the church:

Antonin Scalia Funeral Westboro Baptist Church


The “church,” made their name in protesting the funerals of victims of tragedies — somehow relating the deaths to acceptance of homosexuality in society — has proven time and again that no tragedy is safe from the group’s vile opinions. So their problem with Scalia might seem strange as the late judge regularly came in for criticism due to his own opinions about gay rights in the U.S.

In particular, in 1996’s Romer v Evans case, Scalia said that a law banning homosexuality was akin to a law against murder. You can read a collection of Scalia’s perceived homophobic behavior here. Just a few months before his death, in November 2015, the Washington Post reported that Scalia told an assembled group of law students at Georgetown that if the courts started protecting homosexuals, the next step was to start protecting child molesters.

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Not that a bit of hypocrisy ever stood in Westboro’s way in the past. In 2007, when fellow hatemonger Jerry Falwell died, the church picketed his funeral. Bizarre, considering that Falwell was thought to have been America’s foremost homophobe up to that point.