Amiko Kauderer, Scott Kelly’s Girlfriend: The Photos You Need to See

Amiko Kauderer, a public affairs officer for NASA, is Scott Kelly's long-term girlfriend. She waited for him faithfully while he spent a year in space and has often posted photos on Instagram talking about how much she misses him and can't wait to see him again. After a long year of being apart, he's finally coming home. Amiko shared heartwarming and funny photos while he was gone, including pictures of her posing with a cardboard cutout of Scott.

According to her LinkedIn, Amiko is a social media lead and web manager at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. She encouraged the use of social media that helped bring the world it's first tweet from space. Kelly, while spending a year in space, has been faithful to his girlfriend's mission too, sharing photos on his Twitter and Instagram from the International Space Station. Click through the gallery to see more photos of astronaut Scott Kelly and his girlfriend Amiko Kauderer, and photos her time waiting faithfully for him to come back home. (Instagram/Amiko Kauderer)