WATCH: Video Shows Baltimore School Cop Slapping Student

The Baltimore City school district is “vigorously” investigating a video that was posted to Facebook on Tuesday showing a police officer slapping a student three times and then kicking him in the hallway of a school, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The short video was filmed by another student, who appears to have pointed his cell phone camera over his shoulder discreetly. Officials have not identified the officer seen in the video, and the student’s name has also not been made public. A second officer is also seen in the clip.

The officer does not work for the Baltimore City Police Department, the Sun reports. According to Fox Baltimore, the incident occurred Tuesday morning at Lake Clifton Eastern High School at the REACH! Partnership School.

The video was posted to Facebook on Tuesday.

The video was posted to Facebook on Tuesday.

The spokesperson for the school district, Edie House, told the news station the incident involved a school police officer. Fox Baltimore said the district would not comment on a report that City Schools Police Chief Marshall Goodwin has been placed on leave after the incident.

“We are waiting for the department to conduct a full and complete investigation,” said Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, president of the school police union, told the Baltimore Sun.

The district spokeswoman called the incident “unacceptable and appalling,” the Sun reports.