Jane & Bernie Sanders: The Photos You Need to See

Jane and Bernie Sanders are one of the most adorable presidential candidate couples around. Even though they've been married for 27 years, just one look at them together shows that they are still very much in love. Jane doesn't consider herself a "two for one candidate" who has political aspirations of her own, like the Clintons, however. Her focus is on helping her husband win the presidency. She's been by his side since they first met at his victory party when he won an election for mayor. Before they met, she was told that the questions she asked a competing candidate sounded "just like Bernie Sanders." Once she met him, it was "forever."

Jane O'Meara Sanders has served a big role in Bernie's campaigns and in his political career. She's said that his current campaign has brought them closer than they've ever been before. In fact, she's sometimes called the "wife-everythinger" because of how much work she does for his campaign. Not only does she volunteer, but she goes with him everywhere and helps prepare him for debates and rallies. Jane has said that one of her roles is making sure Bernie stays true to his values and never loses them in the midst of campaigning. Click through the gallery to see more photos of Jane and Bernie Sanders, along with details about their lives. (Getty)