WATCH: Black Girl Hits White Girl for Calling Her N-Word

A viral video shows a black girl punching out a white girl who called her the n-word during a fight in Oklahoma.

The video was posted this week after the fight. You can watch it above or by clicking here. The girl seen in the video throwing punches, Aleeyah, spoke out on Twitter on Wednesday, saying the other girl had threatened her.

The video shows the other girl telling Aleeyah “you’re on my property,” after Aleeyah asked her if she was “running up.” After she was asked again, “are you running up,” the girl responds, “no n**ger.” Aleeyah then gets in her face saying, “who the f**k are you calling n**ger.”

She then shoves her and asks again, and punches her in the jaw, knocking her to the ground after she responded “you.” Aleeyah then punches her on the ground and picks her up, slamming her down as her friends tell her “that’s enough.”

On Thursday, photos showing the other girl’s injuries were posted on Twitter:

Aleeyah said on Twitter she has spoken to police and has it “under control.”

“I personally do not condone violence but I can not stand back while I along with my culture is disrespected #blacklivesmatter,” Aleeyah tweeted Wednesday.



Bklyn Finesse

Hopefully, the young girl also learned the lesson that calling people names and instigate trouble, comes with consequences. Both should be charged with anassault.
There is an lesson in everything you say, do.

Just an old guy

This is just an assult, period. I am amazed that a large segment of our society has such little respect to their own individual culture that they would get violent over simple name calling. I can’t think of any name anyone could call me that would force me to lose my composure to the point of resorting to act like a school yard bully. I know she is just a misguided young girl and there are many examples of so called adults condoning this excuse for violence. Perhaps tolerance training and anger management are in order. Hopefully she will mature and regret the childish respnae. She should indeed be charged with assult as paprt of her lesson.


you must be a old WHITE guy to write this crap – Racism is the privilege of the powerful – That white girl got what she deserved… Must have listened to a Trump speech once too often


The “privilege of the powerful”? Nice sound-byte, but that’s ALL it is. Maybe that girl did get what she deserved; and what do you want to bet she hates “niggas” even more now? Being a racist has nothing to do with privilege or power….everything to do with ignorance, attitude, & ego. Racists come from all backgrounds: rich and poor, powerful and down-trodden….and you just revealed yourself to be one. How’s it feel? You enjoying that rush of self-righteousness? Talk about the pot calling the kettle….what? I suppose that expression is racist too, huh?


Considering that the black girl was trespassing I would have to say the fault lies mostly with her. Violence is never acceptable regardless of what the other person may or may not be calling you. Add to that the trespassing it’s probably not going to end well for her. Having said, it’s begs to wonder where the white girl is learning her behavior and her morals. Perhaps it’s her upbringing or just a product of her environment. Either way racism is never acceptable in any way or form.


Bigots are just as damaging, think about it, are you a bigot?


Aaliyah said little white bitch 1st so she made the 1st racial comment

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