Corey Lewandowski Arrest Report: Trump Staffer Charged With Simple Battery

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Corey Lewandowski campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks with the media. (Getty)

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been arrested on a simple battery charge in Jupiter, Florida, after former reporter Michelle Fields accused him of grabbing her by the arm following a press conference on March 8.

The report filed by police can be read below:

Police also released surveillance video of the incident, which you can watch below or by clicking here.

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In a statement issued after the charge was announced, the campaign said, “Lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge. He will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. He is completely confident that he will be exonerated.”

Lewandowski is represented by Florida attorneys Scott Richardson and Kendall Coffey. Coffey is a former U.S attorney who was forced to resign in 1996 after allegations that he bit a stripper at a night club.

Trump’s campaign said Lewandowski was not arrested, but was issued a notice to appear and was given a court date. He turned himself in Tuesday morning.

He is set to appear in court in May, police said.

Lewandowski could face a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail, along with up to 12 months probation and up to a $1,000 fine, according to Florida state law.

The laws defines simple battery as “any actual and intentional touching or striking of another person against that person’s will (non-consensual) or “the intentional causing of bodily harm to another person.”

Read more about Lewandowski at the link below:

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