Bart Migom & Emily Eisenman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Bart Migom, right, with his girlfriend, Emily Eisenman. (Facebook)

Bart Migom, a 21-year-old Belgian college student, is among the dead in the Brussels bombings, CNN reports.

Migom’s family and his American girlfriend were desperately searching for him after he went missing following Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels. he was heading to the Brussels Airport for a trip to the United States to visit his girlfriend, Emily Eisenman, of Georgia.

Eisenman, also 21, told CNN he sent her a text message saying his train had arrived at the airport.

“I have not heard from him and neither has his family, who I’ve been in contact with all day,” she told the news network. “They have been to hospitals and everywhere they can think of but have not heard from Bart. This is not like him. He is a good communicator.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. ‘I Believe in God & I Believe That God Is With Him … That Is Where My Hope Comes From,’ Eisenman Says

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Emily Eisenman, who lives in Athens, Georgia, said her boyfriend, Bart Migom, was supposed to board a 10:30 a.m. flight on Tuesday. He had arrived at the Brussels Airport not long before the bombings. He was supposed to send her a photo of his boarding pass, but it never came, she told CNN.

“Bart told me that he would get in touch with me every step of the way,” Eisenman told NBC News. “His last words on the phone call was that I love you.”

She said told CNN the days after the bombing have been the “worst days of my life. I guess I just didn’t know how much can love another until you just don’t know where they’re at.” She said her faith has given her hope.

“I believe in God and I believe that God is with him,” Eisenman said. “And that is what I hold on to.”

2. Migom Lived With His Mother & Siblings in Belgium

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Bart Migom. (Facebook)

Migom, who says on his Facebook page he is from Diksmuide, Belgium, lived with his mother, two brothers and a sister, according to CNN.

Eisenman said Migom’s family filed a missing persons report and police came to their house and took a DNA sample. They’ve also been going to many hospitals looking for him, she said.

3. The Couple Met at a Retreat Last Year & Have Been Dating Since October

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Emily Eisenman told CNN they met last year and began dating in October.

Migom came to the United States for a health and wellness retreat she was hosting with her brothers. He met the family through YouTube videos they post.

The couple spent time together in Georgia in December, and Migom posted lovingly about her on his Instagram page.

4. Migom Was Studying Marketing at a Belgian University

bart migom brussels, emily eisenman brussels boyfriend

Migom and Eisenman. (Facebook)

Migom was studying entertainment marketing at Howest Brugge, according to his Facebook page.

He says on Instagram he has a “passion for entrepreneurship, leadership, social media, fitness, health, travelling and coffee…”

5. At Least 31 People Were Killed & Many Others Are Still Missing

bart migom, emily eisenman

Bart Migom (Facebook)

At least 31 people were killed in the attacks and about 300 others were wounded, officials say. Two bombs were detonated by ISIS terrorists at the Brussels Airport and a third exploded in a metro station an hour later. Police are still searching for at least one suspect, who has not been identified.

Along with Migom, many people are still missing, as families and friends frantically search hospitals looking for information. Among the missing are New York siblings Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski and a couple from Tennessee, Justin and Stephanie Shults.

Three of the victims have been identified so far: Adelma Tapia Ruiz, 37, of Peru; Leopold Hecht, 20; and Olivier Delespesse, 36.

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