Geek My Tree After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

Geek My Tree entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 and struck a dazzling deal with Kevin for their Christmas lights that turn your tree into a light show.

At the time, we interviewed its founder Brad Boyink about the company. As his Tank episode re-airs, we caught up with him again to see just how bright the lights’ deal has been. Here’s what he told us about…

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Kevin’s Guidance

Kevin and his team have been instrumental in Geek My Tree’s growth. His guidance has help us find new manufacturing and has assisted with potential licensing deals. This is allowing us to release the new 2.0 system with music for under $249. At first airing we were at $399.

Hiring Someone From Another ABC Reality Show

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Recently Geek My Tree hired Matt Phipps one of the winners of ABC’s 2015 Great Christmas Light Fight. Matt is helping to design future products and assist with synchronizing songs for the new 2.0 system.

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Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

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Be prepared to work harder then you ever have. Make sure your product is better than anything else out there, and listen to what the Sharks are telling you when they are giving advice.

New Products, Including Geek My Window

Geek My Tree will be releasing it’s new 2.0 system this season in a 4, 7.5 and 12-inch edition. We are also introducing Geek My Window, a complete light show for windows that has effects for several holidays and events. We are continuing to develop new technologies and we are expanding out to the international market this year.

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