The Good Promise on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

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The Good Promise entered the Shark Tank to pitch their healthy fruit and vegetable drinks packed in easy-to-go pouches. Flavors like Veggie Burst and Carrot Ginger have a high vegetable content and less than 20-percent water, so in actuality you are getting two servings of vegetables per drink. Their Energy Boost has 100 milligrams of caffeine from green tea extract, no added sugar and antioxidants naturally derived from pomegranates and the vegetable mix.

Before they aired on the reality show on March 18th, we interviewed owner Karen Posada. Here’s what she told us about…

How the Idea For the Company Came About

My mother Martha Hernandez who is my partner and I drove to almost every city in Texas in 2014-2015 promoting our first line of products in the 400 plus Walmart stores that carried our sauces. While on the road we would stop at convenience stores looking for something healthy to eat, which gave us little choices. We ate mostly nuts and sunflower seeds. The healthy juices and smoothies were so high in sugar and expensive that they did not seem like the best option for people on the road who were on a budget. We saw an opportunity to bring a grab-and-go type of item made with the highest quality of ingredients sold at an aggressive price. So folks like us who were on the road often could have the option to spend less than $2.00 on a nutritious juice/smoothie that were actually good for them.

The Importance of Packaging

One of the biggest challenges we had with our first line of products which were veggie based pasta sauces was that they were packed in heavy glass, so freight was one of the main factors that affected the retail price. We decided that the next product line that we launched had to be packaged in a light portable, pouch that was convenient and would also help us keep the price of each unit at a competitive price. We thought the pouches are a great idea for kids, if we made a tall sleek pouch that appealed to an older audience with premium ingredients we had the chance of reaching a wider audience and a chance to create a product that filled a market gap.

Their 1st Recipe

We did a lot of research to make sure the ingredients used in our blends provided a superior fresh flavor and higher vegetable servings. Which meant not using concentrates but frozen filtered and unfiltered vegetable juice and purees. We also partnered with a supplier with a robust quality program to make sure our ingredients were processed with the highest integrity. Then we started testing, first by making sure that the vegetable content was high per serving and then making sure that we blended vegetables that were sweet in order to make the drinks appealing to a society that is used to drinking beverages filled with sugar. Our first flavor was the Veggie Burst a combination of over 10 vegetables including tomatillo juice that adds a hint of sweetness with cucumber overtones.

Partnership With Walmart

Walmart has been an amazing partner. When we first launched our first line of sauces, our buyer was very supportive. She allowed us to test the market and truly listened to our ideas on how we could possibly have a more successful relationship. Walmart will actually ask the vendor what the vendor thinks can be done to increase sales, and the proposals given the buyer will become a reality if it makes sense. It’s an open-door type of policy and I feel very fortunate that they were the first big retailer to believe in us.

New Flavors- Energy Veggie Boost & Protein Fuel

We come up with flavors as a team that we believe serve a specific need. The Energy Boost is a mix of pomegranate, purple sweet potato, a veggie mix and potent green tea extract for every .24 grams equals 100 milligrams of caffeine. A clean pick-me-up and sugar free! Our Protein Fuel is a delicious blend of premium young coconut, fresh lime juice, premium whey isolate and a pinch of cane sugar. It’s low in calories and each pouch has 15 Grams of protein. We really were thinking of the yogis, runners, hikers when we created the Protein Fuel.

‘Shark Tank’ Experience

I had auditioned to be on Shark Tank when we first launched in Walmart in 2014 and while we did not make the cut then, we stayed in touch with the producers and when we introduced our new product line we were lucky enough to make it to taping…To be honest I was expecting a different experience, being a fan of the show for so many years, you imagine the Sharks to be a certain way, but that is thrown out the window when you actually meet them in person. Being in the tank can take so many turns that you definitely did not rehearse for, so yes I was nervous and it was a roller coaster experience.

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