WATCH: Heckler Accuses Marco Rubio of Trying to Steal His Girlfriend

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In a bizarre moment Sunday during a rally for Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a heckler stood up and accused the Republican presidential candidate of trying to steal his girlfriend. You can watch video of the incident above or by clicking here.

The man told the crowd that “Marco Rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend,” as Rubio reacted with a “jeez.” The crowd at the Rohan Recreation Center in The Villages, Florida, laughed as the man continued, saying “it’s true, they met in New Hampshire, and she doesn’t look at me the same way anymore. Yeah, he’s a little bit better looking than me, and that’s true, but he’s trying to steal my girlfriend.d That’s the truth,

As the crowd began to chant, “Marco! Marco!,” Rubio said, “we don’t beat up on hecklers at our events,” taking a shot at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who has faced heavy criticism for violence and anger directed at protesters during his rallies.

The man continued ranting, saying “she doesn’t love me anymore,” and “he’s probably going to steal yours too,” as he was led out of the rally.

Rubio told the crowd, “That’s alright. I’m sorry, I’m still looking for the hidden camera,” before continuing his speech.