WATCH: Unedited Video From Jamar Clark Police Shooting

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Jamar Clark was shot by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sparking protests. (Kenya McKnight)

The Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Wednesday morning he will not be charging the two officers in the November 15, 2015, fatal shooting of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis.

After a four-month investigation, Freeman cleared Officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze in the controversial shooting of the 24-year-old unarmed man, which led to protests and a lengthy sit-in outside of the police precinct near where Clark was killed, his office said in a press release. Freeman had previously announced he would not be using a grand jury in the case.

In a press release, Freeman said the investigation found Clark was not handcuffed when he was shot, contrary to some witness reports. Police had been called because Clark, a suspect in a domestic violence incident, allegedly was interfering with paramedics’ efforts to treat the victim, Clark’s girlfriend.

Freeman also released unedited video footage recorded from cameras in two different ambulances. There was no body cam or dashboard camera footage available.

The unedited footage from the ambulance that responded to the domestic disturbance can be watched below:

You can watch the ambulance video shown at the press conference by Freeman below:

According to Freeman:

When Ringgenberg and Schwarze arrived, they ordered Clark to remove his hands from his pockets to make sure he did not have a gun. When he refused, the officers moved in and attempted to handcuff Clark. When he resisted, Ringgenberg took Clark to the ground and landed on top of him. However, Ringgenberg felt his gun move to the small of his back. When he reached for it, he felt Clark’s hand on the gun, an account that was supported by DNA evidence.

Schwarze threatened to shoot Clark if he did not release the gun. Clark refused to do so and Schwarze shot Clark in the head. Officer Schwarze’s actions were reasonable because if Clark successfully pulled the gun from the holster, Ringgenberg and Schwarze would have been shot and other bystanders might have been hit as well, Freeman said.

The officers had been placed on paid administrative leave. Their status with the department was not immediately clear on Wednesday.




I am sick and tired listening to the protests from a few BLACK people. My friends of color are, too. Jamar had a grip on the police officer’s gun ready to shoot plus he appeared quite threatening to more than just the two officers. I was raised to show respect for the police and other adults in authority. BLACK PEOPLE: teach your children how to respect authority by leading a good example. If an officer is going to handcuff you because you assaulted a citizen, let him/her do it. Don’t resist and then grab at the officer’s weapon! Once you do this and are told to let go of the weapon or you will be shot, guess what? You will be shot. The police are of many skin types and are trained well in how to protect us citizens. I believe two officers of color would have acted in the same way had things escalated as they did. I also believe that if they were officers of color, Jamar would have shown more respect and been handcuffed, because I do not believe BLACK PEOPLE respect white people. How would you personally feel if you were struggling with someone who grabbed your loaded gun???? It’s time to put this entire story to rest and learn from it. Jamar acted threateningly and refused to listen to commands. If BLACK PEOPLE want peace, they are the ones who need to practice respect, and more. The few have gone on too long with attitude. You cannot blame slavery for the reasons you feel disrespected. Guess what? Others have feelings of disrespect and it has nothing to do with the color of your skin. It has a whole lot to do with how you come across to others. Was it okay for a school-age young boy to lose control and spout off at a recent community gathering about “Black Lives Matter?” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Misha jones

This is really sad that we keep getting killed by police officers it doesn’t matter what he did nobody deserves to die by the hand of someone that is suppose to serve and protect….what happen to tasers or do they not exist when arresting a black man….I don’t understand how he got control of a police officer weapon when he was clearly handcuffed….to all those watching the moral to this tragic event is someone son was murdered and the government is trying to cover it up all of the videos are shown after the incident happened so the only thing that can be done is to take these murdered to court last time I checked you had to go before a jury to be convicted…. Also it’s preposterous how if a black man kills another black man they are hauled off to jail to await trial in front of a jury but if you a police officer and you kill a black man you don’t have to go through the same process I call bs it’s a very sad day in Minneapolis and all over this country that Jamar Clark will be another young black male killed by a police officer who gets away with murdering another black man….when does it stop….


Guess you didn’t read too closely, did you? You’re right, you DO have to be taken before a jury to be convicted ~ you must consider yourself to be a jury, since you’ve convicted the officers yourself. Hard to get 1st person video with no body cam, and equally hard for all of you who have had their cell phones surgically grafted to yourselves to understand that. Last I checked, the general citizenry aren’t in position to maybe have to defend others or themselves with deadly force on a daily basis. You really think blacks are the only people shot by police? Grow up. The rest of us just don’t demonstrate and grow violent every time a bad apple who looks like us gets removed from the tree. We don’t deny responsibility and talk about what a “good boy” he was, and how he “never hurt anyone”. You’ve also probably never been in a serious ground-fight, where the situation is always extremely fluid. If your boy had been cuffed at the time, there likely would have been ligature marks on both wrists from the event; evidence showed a lack of them. But of course DNA evidence is all made-up too, isn’t it? ‘Cause we all know events are never a person’s fault if that person is black. That IS what you’re saying, isn’t it?


You are right, no one deserves to die, but this includes police officers when they are putting their life on the line to protect and serve. I do not understand why some people refuse to accept the facts. He was aggressive from the start, at first refusing to let paramedics to attend to his injured girl friend and then becoming confrontational with the cops. He decided not only to not listen to their orders, but to struggle with them when they tried to detain him and then decided to reach for the offers gun during that struggle. He was not handcuffed, the video evidence has proven this and in fact, his DNA is all over the officer and his gun. It is sad that a young man lost his life, but for the officers, he put them in a position where they had to fight for their life.

I also don’t get why people cannot grasp such a simple concept that the video evidence was not released because it was on ongoing investigation. This happens all the time in cases and is done to protect the case, not that the investigation is done, it has been released. On top of that, members of the public demanded an independent investigation, which was conducted by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Members of the public demanded oversight, which was provided by the United States Department of Justice. Members of the public demanded a grand jury process not be used, and the Hennepin County attorney agreed. They made an effort to compromise and be as transparent as possible around this case, but it still is not good enough. But I suppose the blinders would have to come off to take in the facts and maybe have some reason and logic applied.

Paul ezell

It stops when you stop show your hands don’t fight back and have a little Respect,Just glad we don’t have this problem down south.we know if we don’t comply we get taken down

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