Jeanie Ditty Photos: Pictures of Soldier Mom Accused of Murder

A 23-year-old soldier and her boyfriend, an Army veteran, are accused of murder in the death of the woman's 2-year-old daughter in a child abuse case the district attorney called "horrific." Jeanie Ditty and Zachary Keefer were arrested in March 2016 by Fayetteville, North Caorlina, police and charged in the December 2015 death of Macy Grace Ditty, according to a press release. They are being held without bail and face the death penalty. Jeanie Ditty ordered tribute photos, which included a superimposed "angelic" image of her daughter in pictures taken by Keefer at the girl's gravesite. She posted the photos on Facebook in an apparent effort to gain sympathy. Click through this gallery to see those photos, along with other pictures of Jeanie and Macy Grace Ditty. (Fayetteville Police)




I’m going to be devil’s advocate here despite the media’s feeding frenzy.

If my 2 year old was choking, I would panic and do everything in my power trying to give the heimlich to the toddler. You are supposed to manually take the obstruction out reaching into the mouth and pounding the back. If my toddler wasn’t breathing, I would panic, and hit hard and possibly injure the child. But that is better than having the child choke to death in front of me.

The vast majority of the time I agree with the police. But they are not always right. Waiting months to press charges is indication the police were not sure, which tells you something right there.

Where is the arrest report? Do they have any other indication that this was murder? I don’t see a motive, I don’t see drug use. Extradordinary charges require more evidence than black and blue marks and injuries that very well could be given trying to save a choking child.

Charging both of first degree murder is also an indication of charging up hoping to have one turn on the other. Do they really think these two people plotted to kill a toddler?
There is more to this story than indicated. And until I see anymore of evidence of guilt, I’m going to think there is a decent shot they are innocent and wrongly accused.

The ghost pictures are not an indication of guilt.


Yes!!! THANK YOU!!! Really appreciate that comment @jack203. Glad there’s someone out there using their head. This is what I’ve been thinking the ENTIRE time this has gone one, yet there’s not one single comment or input that I could find where the person doesn’t jump on the bandwagon. Nobody considers possibilities based on actual facts; it’s so easy to blame the woman (and/or her boyfriend) and just assume they are guilty because “the news is always right”. People always take the easy way. Nothing factual or otherwise is ever considered, they just jump to the easiest conclusion and follow what everyone else says. LOOK AT THE FACTS PEOPLE!! Open your fricken minds!!! @jack203 has a perfect explanation of what may have happened based on what we know. DON’T assume just because it’s easy to place blame on this woman. Don’t judge then, if there isn’t enough publicly known evidence to sway your opinion either way.
Nonetheless, God rest Macy’s soul and beautiful heart. Whatever the cause may be, she surely didn’t deserve it and was taken too soon.


She has told multiple different stories to multiple different ppl

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