Jeanie Ditty Photos: Pictures of Soldier Mom Accused of Murder

A 23-year-old soldier and her boyfriend, an Army veteran, are accused of murder in the death of the woman's 2-year-old daughter in a child abuse case the district attorney called "horrific." Jeanie Ditty and Zachary Keefer were arrested in March 2016 by Fayetteville, North Caorlina, police and charged in the December 2015 death of Macy Grace Ditty, according to a press release. They are being held without bail and face the death penalty. Jeanie Ditty ordered tribute photos, which included a superimposed "angelic" image of her daughter in pictures taken by Keefer at the girl's gravesite. She posted the photos on Facebook in an apparent effort to gain sympathy. Click through this gallery to see those photos, along with other pictures of Jeanie and Macy Grace Ditty. (Fayetteville Police)