Current Republican Delegate Count 2016

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Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz in the delegate count. (Getty)

Donald Trump entered Arizona and Utah ahead in the delegate count. After the results were counted, he left the night adding to his lead.

Trump received a boost by winning Arizona and its 58 delegates. Cruz answered back by winning Utah and hitting the threshold to win all 40 delegates.

The bigger question is whether Trump can reach the 1,237 delegates required to win the Republican nomination outright.

Members of the Republican establishment have been vocal in their desire to stop Trump from winning the nomination. Mitt Romney alluded to the idea of a brokered convention in his recent anti-Trump speech.

If Trump wins the 1,237 delegates needed, conversation regarding a brokered convention would be irrelevant. Candidates are entering an important stretch of primaries where the majority of states will be winner-take-all as opposed to the proportional method that characterized the earlier primaries and caucuses.

Here’s a look at the latest GOP delegate count.

Current Republican Delegate Count

The following data is an estimate based on the Utah and Arizona results.

Candidate Delegates
Donald Trump 754
Ted Cruz 468
John Kasich 145

Utah & Arizona GOP Delegate Count

Here’s a look at the delegate count specific to the Arizona and Utah results.

Candidate Delegates
Donald Trump 58
Ted Cruz 40
John Kasich 0

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