Nancy Reagan’s Children: Photos of Her Family

How many children did Nancy and Ronald Reagan have together? The Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away at 94 and left behind two children with her husband, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan: Ron Reagan Jr. and Patti Davis (pictured above). Nancy also had two stepchildren with whom she was very close: Michael Reagan and Maureen Reagan. Although they were born to Ronald and his first wife, Jane Wyman, they were very close to Nancy. In fact, before Maureen passed away, she was the child who had the closest relationship with Nancy. Nancy's children all chose different paths for their lives. Maureen and Michael stayed very conservative, while Patti and Ron chose to be active in liberal politics. They are all very independent and, at times, this independence caused strife and conflict in their family relationships.

Nancy was briefly estranged from each of her children at different points in time. But when Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, they all pulled together and reconciled. In Nancy's 1989 memoir, My Turn, she admitted that she wasn't as close to her children as she wished. She said, "What I wanted most in all the world was to be a good wife and mother. As things turned out, I guess I've been more successful at the first than the second... Apparently, all of them (the children) have felt at one time or another that Ronnie and I were so devoted to each other that there wasn't room for them in our affections, and that they were sometimes left out." By the time Nancy passed away, she was close again with her last three remaining children. Click through the gallery to see learn more about Nancy Reagan's children, her unique relationships with each of them, and to see photos of her family. (National Archives)