Nancy Reagan’s Family: Photos of the People Who Loved Her

Nancy Reagan and her family were very close, but they were no strangers to strife and tumultuous moments. Nancy Reagan has two children with Ronald Reagan: Patti Davis and Ron Reagan. She also had two stepchildren from Ronald Reagan's first marriage to Jane Wyman: Maureen Reagan (who died in 2001) and Michael Reagan. Nancy does not have any grandchildren of her own, since her children Ron Reagan and Patti Davis did not have children. But she has "surrogate" grandchildren through her beloved stepchildren, Michael Reagan and Maureen Reagan. Nancy's parents were Kenneth Seymour Robbins and Edith P. Luckett. Edith lived to be 99 and was the longest-living mother of a First Lady, according to After Nancy's parents were divorced, Nancy lived with relatives until Edit got married to Loyal Davis, a neurosurgeon. They moved Nancy back to live with them after they were married and Loyal adopted Nancy.

In one of Nancy's memoirs from the 1980s, she lamented not being a better mother, but leaving her children feeling isolated because of how close she and "Ronnie" were. This distance might also have been, in part, because Nancy had a difficult relationship with her own parents. Nancy had three grandchildren: two born to Michael Reagan and one adopted by Maureen. Interestingly, Nancy and Ronald Reagan did not have any grandchildren who are blood relatives of the couple. Although Nancy had periods of estrangement from all of her children over the years, they had all reconciled when Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. When Nancy passed away from congestive heart failure, they were very close.

This portrait from 1985 shows President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan with their family at Rancho del Cielo near Santa Barbara, California. Standing (L-R): Bess Reagan, Patti Davis, Paul Grilley, Cameron Reagan, Nancy Reagan, the President, Colleen and Michael Reagan, and Neil Reagan. Foreground, (L-R): Ron, Ron's wife Doria, and Ashley Marie Reagan. Click through the gallery to learn more about Nancy Reagan's parents and her family. (Getty)