Nathan Crisp: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nathan Crisp Linkedin page

Crisp pictured on his LinkedIn page.

A vice president in Donald Trump’s organization is accused of slamming a mother-of-two to the ground during an alleged Easter Sunday attack in Brooklyn. Sheneik McCallum told the New York Daily News that she pulled over on Gold Street close to the downtown area of New York City’s most populous borough to make sure one of her children was securely strapped into his baby seat.

McCallum then says that Nathan Crisp, 27, came out and told her to get off his property.

She told the Daily News that he then slammed her to the ground twice. McCallum received bruising but was not taken to a hospital. Meanwhile, Crisp was taken into custody.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Community Activist Says That the NYPD Showed Favoritism to Crisp

Tony Herbert Twitter page

Community activist Tony Herbert believes that Crisp got preferential treatment from the NYPD. (Twitter)

The New York Post reports that Crisp was taken into custody and given a desk ticket to appear in court on May 2. The tabloid adds that the alleged assault took place just before 11 p.m. on Easter Sunday.

In response, community activist Tony Herbert told the New York Daily News that he doesn’t understand why Crisp wasn’t put the through the system. Herbert says he’s organizing a protest outside of the 84th precinct on the afternoon of March 31. He told the Daily News:

I am not sure why this person isn’t in handcuffs in a cell somewhere, but we will be reaching out to the brass at the NYPD as to why not.

When I learned that this perpetrator worked for the Trump organization, I gotta say I wasn’t surprised as to the attitude and disrespect displayed by this guy to this young woman.

2. He’s Vice President of Revenue Management and Distribution at Trump Hotels

According to his LinkedIn page, Crisp works as the VP of Revenue Management and Distribution in Trump’s hotel empire. He’s worked in the hospitality industry in some capacity since 1999. Crisp is a graduate of Regis University.

Crisp hails from Lakewood, Colorado, where he graduated from Bear Creek High School.

A March 2015 feature on Crisp talked about his working hand-in-hand with the Donald as well as his daughter Ivanka. He also spoke about being based in New York City but traveling around the world for his job.

3. McCallum Has 2 Prior Arrests

Sheneik McCallum Facebook page

Crisp’s alleged victim Sheneik McCallum. (Facebook)

McCallum has been arrested twice, for a domestic incident involving her boyfriend in February 2016 and for larceny in 2011, reports the Daily News.

A blog posting from Crotty Saland indicated that McCallum was accused of being part of a gang known as S3. The crime ring attempted to fraudulently bought Apple products from around the U.S. and then attempted to resell those products.

4. He Spearheaded a Trump Loyalty Card Scheme at the Donald’s Hotels



One of Crisp’s more prominent initiatives so him spearhead a loyalty card scheme at Trump’s hotels, according to a LinkedIn article.

In September 2015, he spoke publicly about the project saying, “The Trump Hotel Collection prides itself on being innovators, not only in guest service and property management, but also in revenue strategy and profit optimization.”

5. Violence Continues to Follow Donald Trump Around

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Police in Janesville, Wisconsin, say 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted at a Donald Trump rally in the town on the night of March 29. Footage from the incident, which occurred outside of a Holiday Inn express, also shows Alex Drake being pepper-sprayed after she confronted Trump boosters and threw a punch. She’s heard in the video accusing a man of touching her chest.

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ABC News reports that police in the town are looking for two suspects in relation to the incident. Another woman, 19, from Madison, Wisconsin, also caught some pepper spray. An eyewitness, Michelle Velez, told the network that she saw Drake throw a punch before being pepper-sprayed.

The Janesville Police Department is seeking the public’s help in locating this man, who is wanted in relation to the incident:

Donald Trump Alex Drake Suspect

(Janesville Police Department)

That came on the same day that Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was officially charged with assault in relation to an incident that occurred between him and reporter Michelle Fields in February.