WATCH: North Korea Propaganda Film Shows Nuke Dropped on Washington, DC

In a new video released by the government of North Korea titled “Last Chance,” Pyongyang shows a submarine-launched nuclear missile destroying Washington.

The 4-minute video was published on North Korea’s propaganda website DPRK Today. In it, a history of American-Korean relations is presented with musical accompaniment. It ends with a CGI sequence of a missile striking near Washington’s Lincoln Memorial.

The Guardian writes:

Pyongyang has upped the rhetorical ante in recent weeks, with near daily threats of nuclear and conventional strikes against the South and the US mainland in response to large-scale South-US war games. The threats have turned increasingly personal, and North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un on Friday watched a live-fire long-range artillery drill simulating a strike on the official residence of his South Korean counterpart.

The video ends with an American flag burning. Watch it above.

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