Patti Davis: Photos of Nancy & Ronald Reagan’s Daughter

In July 1994, Davis posed for Playboy and was on the cover of the magazine. Her cover is considered one of Playboy’s most controversial covers. In 2011, she posed nude again, but this time for the magazine More at the age of 58. She told Daily Mail that she considered her Playboy photoshoot her “victory lap” after overcoming drug addiction and it had nothing to do with spiting her parents. When she did the photoshoot with More, she said the only plastic surgery she had done was a facelift at 50. As far as the photoshoot, she was most upset about her elbows, she said. “I’m quite upset with my elbows. If you took a close-up photo of them, you’d think, ‘Wow, very old person.'” (Getty)




I loved both of the reagans as much as they loved their country . Their children will suffer. No mama to bash.


God bless your parent’s. May you finally follow their example. They are people that stood for AMERICA.