Stephanie & Justin Shults Photos: Pictures of Couple Missing in Brussels

The families of Justin and Stephanie Shults have descended on the Belgian capital in the hopes of finding the missing couple. They were last seen at Brussels airport a little while before ISIS bombers detonated two bombs inside of the departures terminal. The Shults were there to bring Stephanie's mother, Carolyn Moore, to catch her flight back to the U.S. Betty Gragg-Newsome told CBS Lexington that her sister, Carolyn Moore, had been in Belgium to visit her sister for a week. Newsome added that although her sister was knocked off of her feet during the explosion, she is fine.

WSMV in Nashville reported on March 25 that Justin's family had arrived in Brussels to aid in the search for the missing couple. Justin's brother, who goes by the moniker Popcorn Sutton on Twitter, tweeted on March 26 that Stephanie's car had been found by police but that there was still no sign of the couple.

The day after the attacks, the couple's family members took to social media to celebrate as the State Department had apparently told Justin's mother that the couple had been found. Tragically, just a few hours later, Popcorn Sutton tweeted that a social worker in Belgium had contacted to the family to say the State Department was wrong and the Shults were still missing.

As they're families bravely refuse to give up hope, here are the photos of this loving couple that you need to see: