Is There a Ted Cruz Sex Tape? Unknown.

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Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at a rally at Gilley’s Dallas the day before Super Tuesday February 29, 2016. (Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

Following the unverified Ted Cruz sex scandal by the National Enquirer that alleged that the Republican presidential contender had five affairs, Twitter has begun to trend with #TedCruzSexTape.

The new allegation comes after National Enquirer’s March 25 issue that featured a potentially troubling accusation against the 2016 Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz: a private investigator is looking into claims he’s been having an affair with five different women. While the Enquirer didn’t name any names and ran only pixelated photos, the Twittersphere was rife with speculation and Internet detective work under the hashtag #CruzSexScandal. Internet detectives claim to have identified three of the five women whose pixelated likenesses appear in the Enquirer story, two of whom worked on other candidates’ campaigns in 2016 and one of whom worked for his own. They allegedly are Katrina Pierson, Amanda Carpenter, and Sarah Isgur Flores.

Now a new story is dominating Twitter about Cruz. Does a sex tape exist that shows him actually participating in one of these affairs he has since denied?

The answer right now is “no” but it’s unclear. The first reports of a possible sex tape came from a tweet by self-described “GOP Media Guy” Rick Wilson. The tweet came before the release of the National Enquirer story.

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Twitter users have since interpreted Wilson’s tweet as stating there is a sex tape because of his reference to “The Thing” and “YouTube.” However, Wilson, a staunch anti-Trump man, is now pushing back hard that he was trying to spread rumors about Cruz. He doesn’t want to be seen as though he is helping Trump’s ascension to the GOP nomination.

Still, another one of his tweets from March 11 references the “The Thing’s” existence and his frustration in acknowledging it once the media got wind:

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The Huffington Post picked up the story today, adding a timeline to the events by writing:

Rick Wilson got a call earlier this month from a reporter asking about a potentially explosive, campaign-ending piece of opposition research: a Ted Cruz sex tape. Wilson… had no idea. But at the reporter’s request, Wilson contacted a journalist friend at a TV network to see if they’d had it. The TV journalist didn’t have the goods, but had heard another network did.

Whether a Ted Cruz sex tape exists and if it does, who has it, remains to be seen. But the internet has already taken the story and ran with it, with a thread on Reddit claiming to show a still from the video. The image is an out-of-context photo of Cruz making what some have suggested shows what his face would look like “in flagrante delicto.”

However, if the sex tape does turn out to be real, check back here on how to watch or download it.

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sam prince. excellent report. thanks. great journalism. I’ll be counting on you for more updates, facts, witnesses, videos, evidence, documentation, irrefutable, concrete information. really great job.

John Evos

NE, Brietbart, Milo and Company et al—– the Rubio angle on this NE thing needs to be looked into. Brietbart and others have reported some interesting nexus’ through assorted time lines and historical references. I have spoken with some VERY informed legal minds that specialize in these types of events and they specifically state that the slander/libel issues for the NE would be catastrophic if there was no basis in fact and evidence (photos, vid, receipts, eye witnesses etc) which they are in possesion of. Obviously truth is the main defense to slander for starters.

Finally, these legal minds stated that if these charges are indeed FALSE then the first thing anyone would do is file a slander lawsuit IMMMMMMEDIATELY, start vocal protestations, and get the wife out infront of this……..!!!!

Obviously the NE daily stories about aliens and other BS don’t come close to the legal issues that the Cruz allegations encompass……..time will tell as the leaks and other things progress……

So what’s up with this story then.,?!?!


It’s not a matter of true or false. Cruz is a public figure. The rules are completely different. If it’s false, and NE KNEW it was false, and they ran it INTENDING to inflict damage on Cruz, it’s actionable. Otherwise, case dismissed. And yes, I am a lawyer.

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