Tesla Model 3 Time: Countdown to Tonight’s Reveal

tesla model 3

It’s unknown if the Tesla Model 3 will resemble this previous version. (Tesla)

Tonight’s Tesla Model 3 reveal is happening a lot later than most tech events that are held out in California. You won’t be able to preorder a new Model 3 for $1,000 until the exact time that the reveal begins, whether you’re reserving your car online or at a Tesla retail store. However, people are already lining up at retail stores around the country to reserve their spot.

The big reveal of the Tesla Model 3 is happening at 8:30 p.m. PDT (Pacific Time.) If you’re in an Eastern timezone, that means it’s happening just 30 minutes before midnight for you.

You can create your own countdown clock for the Tesla unveiling at this link. Just change the time zone to Pacific, Eastern, Central, Mountain — whatever zone you’re in. Then you’ll know exactly when the unveiling will happen. The countdown works for the reveal time, but online pre-orders will be accepted an hour earlier, so servers aren’t overloaded:

For details on watching the livestream itself, please see our story here:

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