Is Trump Protester Thomas Dimassimo Tied to ISIS? No.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has claimed in a tweet and during a rally in Kansas City that the man who rushed his stage Saturday morning in Ohio is possibly tied to ISIS.

At a rally in Kansas City, Trump told supporters:

He was looking to do harm. … They found his name and it was probably ISIS or ISIS-related. My people found this, they go online and they find the guy is playing all sort of, let’s say music that you wouldn’t be liking, dragging an American flag along the sidewalk, making all sorts of gestures … And he’s probably or possibly ISIS-related. … After they let him go they found all this stuff about his real love and where he comes from. Who knows what will happen when they go back to get him. Who knows if they’re ever going to find him again folks.

But there is no evidence connecting the 22-year-old Wright State University student, Thomas Dimassimo, charged in the incident to the terror group. Dimassimo is white and is originally from Powder Ridge, Georgia, near Atlanta.

The rumor appears to have started after a likely fake video featuring Dimassimo was found following his arrest. You can watch the video above.

The video was posted to YouTube last year and the original has since been deleted. It uses footage posted in a separate video showing Dimassimo at a Wright State rally where he stood on the American flag in a form of protest. You can watch the original video below:

The fake video includes Arabic-style music and has a caption in Arabic.

It appears to be a hoax video posted by a troll to discredit and mock Dimassimo. The Arabic caption roughly translates to a joke about the size of Dimassimo’s penis.

The video footage came from the Wright State protest below:

“This is not meant to individually disrespect member of military service for the sacrifices they made for this country,” Dimassimo told WKRC-TV at the event, which ended with the protesters giving the flags to veterans to be properly disposed of. “We are not anti-vet, we are not anti-troops. We are against systematic oppression and structural inequality.”

Police have not commented on Trump’s claim that Dimassimo is connected to ISIS. The Atlanta, Georgia, area native was released from custody on Saturday and faces two charges.

Read more about Dimassimo at the link below:




Even worse than that is this guy is a certified Bernie Sanders supporter. I actually respect Sanders. It’s now time to for Sanders to step up to the plate and tell his supporters to not rush towards Trump at his rallies. In fact, he really needs to go one step further and tell his supporters to no longer go to Trump rallies. Because if he doesn’t, he is guilty of the exact same thing that everybody and their dog have been piling on Trump for. Let alone dragging the flag on the sidewalk like that.


How anyone could interpret this event as somehow being caused by Bernie is beyond me. He doesn’t make people hate Trump; Trump does a good enough job of that on his own. Bernie has no obligation to tell ANYONE what to do or not do at Trump rallies, least of all some stupid kid who rushes a stage just to get attention. If it were a Hillary supporter, no one would be saying anything about her needing to “control” her people. They’d just say that’s a stupid kid who hates Trump. His preference of candidate means nothing, and only reflects badly on the Sanders camp if you believe he’s personally responsible for every single person who likes him. Not to mention that an “attack,” perceived or otherwise, completely flies in the face of everything Bernie believes about protesting. He won’t claim the idiot as his own, and he shouldn’t.

Mitchell Young

“His preference of candidate means nothing, and only reflects badly on the Sanders camp if you believe he’s personally responsible for every single person who likes him.”

That seems to be the standard for Trump, why not Bernie?


Because Trump is actively encouraging his supporters to behave violently, while Sanders does not. Simple.

Magnus McManus

Not true – watch a rally. That’s like saying a girl dressed provocatively encourages attacks and we know that’s wrong. Libs are all for free speech until they disagree.

Eugene Larkin

Sanders supporters causing violence inside a Trump rally is the fault of Donadl Trump? Libtard thinking as always just like supporting any leader you guys want in power, are you kidding me please go to your island now that you plan on going to when he wins, you have messed up the USA enough already…. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, don’t like it? guess what I don’t care :)

David Koenig

Those Sanders Campaign posters are copyrighted documents. Sanders has got to be aware that he’s responsible for their misuse. If necessary his campaign should attend Trump Rallies and confiscate their posters from these Disrupters, before they enter Trump’s venues. If they carry in hand painted signs, then there’s no reason for Bernie’s campaign to get involved. But these professionally manufactured posters are more than flyers or yard signs, IMO. Sort of like you painting a lemon on a Ford, and parking it across the street from the local Ford agency. Ford and or its agent, will go to court and stop you in your tracks. I had an old College Professor who was so down on Lockheed P-38 Lightnings, that the Factory went to Court and gagged him. So he had to refer to these as twin tailed, twin engine junk piles, in his lectures. But we all still knew exactly what he was lecturing on. He let the cat out of the bag, having witnessed windrows of P-38’s lined up in India, where their engines were switched out to replace worn out ones in cargo planes, flying the Hump, into China.. Their V-12 engines were good, as it was the Lockheed air frames and controls which were rotten. When the pilots simply refused to fly them, they were scrapped out, in India.
Bernie’s campaign needs to likewise “gag” their own followers from taking these professionally made and copyrighted posters into Trump rallies, to cause trouble. Donald will just have to endure the hand made protest signs and banners. Bernie’s hold on his own campaign’s signs are just like someone painting a lemon on a Ford Pinto, or a Lockheed P-38, both of which kept catching fire, and killing their operators.


Thanks for this clarification. I’m definitely no leftist, but gotta ask that you please don’t succumb to the same ideological pitfalls Trump’s followers have: “Dimassimo is white and is originally from Powder Ridge, Georgia, near Atlanta.” This dude could’ve been brown from Atlanta and still not been a member of ISIS. Let’s use logic here, not fear.

Tom Cleary

I included that because Trump said during his speech that they found out “where he comes from,” implying he’s not American and not white.


How does that imply trump thought he was brown? Please explain to us rational people who think of other things than race


I agree. Also, I’m not sure if this is a moot point but he’s actually from Powder Springs, GA….

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