ABS Pancakes After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

ABS Pancakes entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 debuting their healthy pancake mix.

Back then, we interviewed founder Ashley Drummonds about her gluten-free and low-carb creation, which she told us came about because of her desire to still eat her favorite breakfast food and still stay fit.

As his episode re-airs, we caught up with Drummonds again to see how business has been after securing a deal with Daymond. Since the episode in January, they have sold 3,000 packages of pancake mix. “We’ve spent most of these eight weeks catching up on orders, customer service and really focusing on what the next steps are to grow the business,” she explained. Here’s what she told us about…

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Daymond’s Support

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Daymond has been a great partner with the company. Any interview request he has jumped on to help support the business and his team is always extremely helpful and easy to access with growth and marketing strategies. It has been a huge blessing and amazing opportunity to have Daymond as a mentor not only from his success with his brands and business, but also just having a network like that to engage and grow with.

Remaining An Online Retailer

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Most of the ABS Protein Pancakes business is done online simply because most businesses are going online and the majority of our demographics are found shopping on places like ABSPancakes.com and other health/fitness related websites. We have had certain retailers online and offline reach out wanting to partner with us that we are working with since Shark Tank.

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Advice to Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

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I would advise to remember that in the long run this is your business and your dream, so when you are given an opportunity like Shark Tank to launch your business, make sure you stay true to your brand and your overall goals and don’t get too caught up in some of the glitter that happens after your company airs because anyone and everyone will want to do business with you, but it’s important to focus on where you want the company to go.

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