WATCH: Birdman Gives Bizarre Two-Minute Interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’ (Explicit Language)

Birdman Goes Off On The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (04/22/2016)Birdman goes off on The Breakfast Club as soon as he enters the studio and then storms out of the studio after Charlamagne Tha God challenged him with a line of questioning. #BreakfastClub2016-04-22T11:47:26.000Z

New Orleans rapper Birdman stopped by nationally syndicated hip-hop show The Breakfast Club for an “interview” on Friday, but left after a two-and-a-half-minute rant laced with profanity. In the segment, featured above, Birdman goes off on a seemingly unsuspecting crew before departing without clarification of his issues.

In the “interview,” Birdman gets immediately hostile before even sitting down, demanding the Breakfast Club hosts stop “playing with my [expletive] name” and that “when my name come up, respect it.” The hosts seem bewildered by the request, but Birdman refuses their requests for clarification. He later says that he wanted to “look you in your face like a man,” but doesn’t clarify what his issue is. Breakfast Club co-host Charlemagne references past feuds with Miami rappers Rick Ross and Trick Daddy, asking if he gave them the same treatment, but Birdman refuses to discuss it. Almost two minutes into the segment, Birdman asks, “Are y’all finished, or are y’all done?” Not waiting for an answer, he and his entourage exit the studio, leaving the radio crew baffled.

While Birdman didn’t clarify his issues with The Breakfast Club, the radio show hosted Trick Daddy for a late 2015 interview in which the Miami rapper criticized Birdman’s lack of focus in a late 2015 interview:

I’ve done business with Birdman. Some was good, some was bad. I just think when you try and be a CEO, when you try to be a rapper, and you try and be a ladies man, and you trying to be a girlfriend, and you trying to be a crip and a blood… I just think, had Baby been more of a businessman… Like, for instance, somebody tell me what’s Cash Money address. You ever saw a Cash Money office? You ever saw a picture? There ain’t one.

Charlamagne Tha God largely kept his composure, though a retweet of Louis Farrakhan sent shortly after the interview seems to reference the incident:

Co-host Angela Yee more directly referenced the incident: