Clinton vs. Trump Odds & Predictions: Clinton Has Substantial Lead

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Clinton is well ahead in general election odds ahead of the convention. (Getty)

While neither of the primary elections are over quite yet, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both within a few hundred of the delegates they need to clinch the Republican and Democratic nominations. After the April 26 primaries, where Trump swept and Clinton took the delegate-richest four of five states, the delegate counts show formidable leads for the party frontrunners:

Republican Delegate Count 1,237 Needed
Donald Trump 987
Ted Cruz 562
John Kasich 153


Democratic Delegate 2,383 Needed
Hillary Clinton 2,164
Bernie Sanders 1,355

With the conventions looming, a lot of minds are turning to the general election. OddsShark general election odds show that Clinton beats Trump soundly in the betting markets, with other markets favoring Democrats in general. This can change quickly, though, as an acrimonious Republican race ends.

Here’s a look at the state of the race:

OddsShark Presidential Betting: Clinton Well Ahead

OddsShark provides “stats and odds from multiple sources” so users have “the information they need to make the most of their sports bets and fan predictions.” As of April 28, the odds greatly favored Hillary Clinton:

OddsShark Presidential Odds As of April 28
Hillary Clinton -340
Donald Trump +280

Clinton’s large lead is likely due to Clinton’s large lead in matchup polling and favorability. So far, Clinton has established double-digit polling lead son Trump and, while viewed unfavorably overall, is doing more than 20 points better than Trump on average.

PredictWise Market Aggregations Favor Democrats

While betting markets aggregations by PredictWise don’t track hypothetical matchups, and likely won’t handle general election candidates by name until they’re named as such at the party conventions, they are tracking the general election in party terms, and like the Democrats’ chances:

PredictWise: General Election Odds
Democrats 73%
Republicans 27%

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