InchBug on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Founder & CEO

How to Use MyDrinky™ – Two piece adjustable juice box holder by InchBug®This video shows how to use MyDrinky™ – the two piece adjustable juice box holder by MyDrinky™ adjusts in height to accommodate any size of juice box or juice pouch. The top locks the drink in so kids can't squeeze and best of all, the top prevents the drink box/pouch from falling out of…2014-02-25T15:33:11.000Z

InchBug entered the Shark Tank with their kids’ company that started by creating personalized labels.

Heavy interviewed founder and CEO Brenda Feldman, who told us that the company will soon launch MyDrinky, a two-piece, adjustable juice box holder, in select Buy Buy Baby stores.
Here’s what else she told us about…

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How the Idea For the Company Came About

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In 2004, my daughter was attending a Mother’s Day Out program, and I was informed that her sippy cups had to be labeled with her name. This was to minimize mix-ups and germs. I tried a permanent marker, which much to my surprise faded away in the dishwasher, and tape, which always peeled and came off the cup. There had to be a better way! In an amazing ‘light bulb’ moment, I thought of what would eventually be The Original Orbit Label, which was my first product and how InchBug began.

Forming the Team

InchBug has the best staff ever. I struck gold when I found my first employee, who has been with us for 10 amazing years now. Orbit Labels had just been featured in a national parenting magazine and my husband and I were working 20 hours a day operating equipment, packaging and shipping. We needed help and were fortunate to find a great person. As we grew, we added staff as needed. Most of our team has been with InchBug for years, and we couldn’t function without them. Our team members’ average tenure is five years.

Their 1st Product- Orbit Labels

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We have sold hundreds of thousands of Orbit Labels. It is a cool feeling, pretty much everywhere I go where there are kids, I usually end up seeing an Orbit Label on a bottle or cup. They are literally being used all over the world.

Her Appearance on the ‘Tank”

I was a huge fan of the show and had thought about auditioning, but had never made a move in that direction. I was actually visiting family in Houston when my husband read an article in the newspaper that Shark Tank was hosting open auditions at Rice University. The problem was I had less than an hour to get there; I had not prepared for it; and to make matters worse, I had no product with me to demonstrate! I was fortunate enough to have a retailer in the area that carried our new product, MyDrinky. I was able to obtain samples just in time for my quickly put together pitch to the Shark Tank producers. The rest is history.

Feedback From Customers

Our customers are amazing. Many will post incredible comments on our social media sites that they have been using the same Orbit Labels since their kids were babies, and some are now approaching middle school. I can’t tell you how many times we heard the phrase, “This is the best invention ever!” What a great feeling!

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