Los Angeles Police Chase: The Videos You Need to See

What was probably one of the craziest and most amusing police chases in LA sparked a #pursuit hashtag on Twitter. The drivers were suspected of a home burglary. They took the police on a long chase around Los Angeles, which included a failed spike strip attempt by the police, a TMZ bus driver trying to be a hero, and a huge party of selfies before the drivers were arrested.

Here are the videos you need to see.

First, there was the failed attempt by police to stop the driver with a spike strip. It was sooo close:

Here’s another view of the donuts they did in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard:

Then there was the TMZ bus driver who tried to be a hero, but it didn’t work out when the car next to him decided he didn’t want to play. The driver through a sandwich at the TMZ bus in frustration:

And there was this:

There was a crowd at a bar that cheered for the drivers when they sped past:

At the end, a huge party of selfies broke out and the police were reluctant to show up:

But the drivers were finally arrested and the day’s festivities concluded:

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