Democratic Delegate Count: Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming

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Bernie Sanders is on a winning streak. (Getty)

Bernie Sanders continued his hot streak by winning the Wyoming caucus. The victory gives Sanders wins in eight of the last nine nominating events.

That’s the good news for the Sanders campaign. The bad news is that it appears that Sanders did not walk away with any more delegates than Hillary Clinton.

Despite winning by over 11 percentage points, the margin was not enough to avoid splitting the delegates based on Wyoming rules.

As Heavy laid out earlier this week, this is the challenge for Sanders as he tries to gain ground on Clinton. Unlike their GOP counterparts, delegates are still divided proportionally the rest of the way. This makes it challenging to make up a lot of ground in the delegate race.

Sanders is hoping his string of victories can impact upcoming primaries in bigger states like New York and California. The New York primary takes place on April 19 and has 247 delegates at stake.

Here’s a look at the latest Democratic delegate count.

Current Democratic Delegate Count

The following is an estimate after the Wyoming caucus results.

Hillary Clinton 1,303
Bernie Sanders 1,094

Wyoming Caucus Delegates

Hillary Clinton 7
Bernie Sanders 7