Orlando Collins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Orlando Collins.

A suspect who has been named the “most wanted” man in Northeast Kansas was involved in a shootout with police Saturday night at the Country Club Motel in Topeka.

Two U.S. Marshals deputies and a FBI agent were shot and suffered non-life-threatening injuries,the Capital-Journal reports.

Orlando Collins was identified as a suspect on police radio broadcasts, and WBIW-TV reported that officers were “tracking down” the 28-year-old man.

The FBI is leading the investigation. A body was found inside the motel, but the identity has not been confirmed as Collins.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dozens of Shots Were Fired at Police Officers as They Responded to the Motel

Police responded to the Country Club Motel at 3732 Southwest Topeka Boulevard just before 10 p.m. Saturday night for a report that an armed suspect was inside a motel room, according to police scanner broadcasts and the Topeka Capital-Journal.

The officers who arrived at the scene were met with gunfire.

Dozens of shots were fired, WIBW-TV reports. Witnesses told the news station they heard more than 50 shots fired.

Multiple officers were wounded, according to the Capital-Journal. The newspaper reports that the officers are from federal law enforcement agencies.

The extent of their injuries was not immediately known, but the wounded officers were taken to hospitals, according to the Capital-Journal.

2. The Motel Was Set on Fire During the Shootout With Officers

During the shootout and standoff with the suspect, the Country Club Motel was set on fire, authorities say. Videos and photos from the scene show the fire raging:

The Topeka Fire Department responded, but heavy flames could still be seen at 12:30 a.m., WIBW-TV reports.

3. Collins Is Accused of a Holding Up a Smoke Shop With a Sawed Off Shotgun, Among a Series of Armed Robberies

orlando collins, orlando collins topeka kansas

Orlando Collins. (Facebook)

Police have been searching for Orlando Collins since early April and have him listed at the top of the Northeast Kansas Most Wanted list, according to the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office.

He is wanted in connection with a series of armed robberies, along with a carjacking. Police have said he also opened fire on an occupied home.

The most recent robbery occurred Friday, Topeka Police said in a press release.

Police said Collins held-up a smoke shop with a sawed-off and then carjacked a 2011 Nissan Sentra, fleeing the scene early Friday morning. The car was found on fire shortly after the robbery report.

Collins is also wanted for the robbery of a convenience store and attempted robbery of a grocery store on April 6, along with the robberies of two businesses on April 4, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports.

4. He Posted a Photo of Several Guns on His Facebook Page in March

orlando collins topeka kansas


Collins posted a photo to Facebook in March showing several guns. You can see the photo below:

A photo of several guns posted to Facebook by Collins in March.

A photo of several guns posted to Facebook by Collins in March.

He also wrote in a post that month:

I don’t care if anyone does like me or mad who I’m with then y’all set there talk sh*t behind my back but don’t have the balls sh*t talk shit to my face only talk hard when u got someone with u have your back I’m a one man Army I got the guns to back it up so if we need go there i don’t hide or run from anyone if y’all got a problem with let be know do wait tell y’all n*gga are drunk or high then y’all got some to say I put my gun down give all y’all old school a*s beat down y’all got me f*ck up for real I feel like this I can pull to who ever crib we can fight it out it what ever

Collins added, “I got one more thing to say I can do my time with out snitch to get off of charges or get time off y’all fake dealer y’all better keep my name out of your mouth before I start putting everybody’s business on blast don’t make me screenshot the paperwork I will.”

5. A Task Force of Federal, State & Local Police Had Been Searching for Collins

orlando collins, orlando collins topeka


The search for Orlando Collins included state, local and federal police.

The Fugitive Task Force had tracked Collins to the motel and were attempting to arrest him.