Tesla Model 3: The Pictures You Need to See

The Tesla Model 3 was unveiled today and fans were definitely not disappointed. Elon Musk revealed the car that has already had more than 150,000 pre-sale orders before the car was even revealed. This amazing electric car starts at a base price of $35,000, which makes it the most affordable electric car in Tesla's lineup. But it also boasts the beauty of the Model S and many features that Tesla fans have come to love.

In the press conference, Musk said that the Tesla Model 3 would have at least 215 miles per charge, at a minimum. He said they hoped to exceed the number before the car goes to production in 2017. It's incredibly safe and has a 5-star rating in every category. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds for the base version. Other versions will likely go much faster. It comes standard with autopilot. The car will also fit five adults comfortably. All versions will come with supercharging standard. Click through the gallery to see more photos of the Tesla Model 3, as unveiled during tonight's press conference. (Tesla Livestream)